Pc hard drives not detected?

I have an HP Pavilion 533w and have replaced the hard drives with two new ones, but my motherboard won't detect them. I have no os to work with which makes it a tat bit harder. I have set the jumpers, and checked bios and nothing shows up that I even have hard drives. It's an older pc so the hard drives are IDE. Is there any way to get bios to detect them? Can I format them through bios? I tried a windows disc and also a dos disk and nothing detects them. I had them detected with the old hard drive but I can't even get the old one detected now. I have also tried to take the battery off the m.b. and reset everything to default, but nothing works. Please help! I really need this pc fixed. I'm fixing this for someone else and have gotten no where all week because of this.....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you positive that the jumpers are correct?

    Set the HDDs to "Cable Select," if available. Connect one of the IDE cable to the mobo. The other end will be for the Master drive. The middle connector will be for the Slave drive (pick which you want to be which).

    Maybe that'll help.

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