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I'm related to Christopher Columbus. Who are you related too?

My family tree dates back to CC. He'd be my 15th great grandfather.

Are you related to anyone special?

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    Yes, Adam and Eve. Can anyone trace their lineage back any further than that?

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    First Cousin: George Mason

    Second Cousin: George Washington

    Both are 8 generations removed

    Third Cousin: Meriwether Lewis

    7 generations removed

    Fifth Cousin: Robert E Lee

    6 generations removed

    Both sides of my family have roots in the Charlottesville and Albemarle areas of Virginia.

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    King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain((:

    Which means I'm prolly related to a bunch of black people too because the Moors raped the shyt outta the Spanish around that time.

    Also, some Chilean governor or someone who supported the Nazis after WW2

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    no particular person but I have a little ancestry from all three of the formerly viking people, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, so I am probably related to some Vikings. I'm also part German and maybe part some stuff I don't even know about,

    Source(s): American mutt
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    Im Mexican, so i wish i can be related to a Roman (hopefully emperor Trajan).

    Its possible since i have Spanish blood. And the Romans and the Spanish breeded with each other.

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    I'm related to a former member of The Surpemes lol. A relative in Canada met her in Las Vegas, and the rest is history.

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    Stienka Razin and Alexander Suvorov.

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    Well I don't exactly have any names at hand I do know come from a aristcratic rich family from all over Europe. I am related to Generals, Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Queens, Scientists, and Philosophers.

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    Charlemagne ,Ben Franklin, and Ethan Allen

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    I'm related to Erwin Rommel. He was my great-grandfathers second cousin. Not as famous as your ancestor, but it has yet to fail to intrigue people i've met.

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    i'm related to Adam. yep, the first man. and Noah, too. the guy with the beard that survived the big flood.

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