how long does a belly button hole take to close?

i had done my belly button ring n i have it for 5 weeks already bt i want to take it out cuz i don't want my parents to see it ..please help .i just want to know if i take it out wat am i supposed to do or should i keep it and buy a seethrough bellyring?

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    You don't have it for that long yet, so if you take it out there might be a small hole visible. It will heal up quite fast, that for sure, depending on the tissue it might take a day or two.

    Be sure to disinfect it after taking it out.

    There will be a little scar left, but almost non visible until one looks properly.

    The longer you have it in, the longer it will take for the wound to close and the more visible it will stay after taking it out.

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    I had mine done about 2 months ago.

    A belly ring takes between 6-12 months to heal. If you were to take the belly ring out, it will probably close.

    My piercer said not to even change the bar I have in until at least the 6 month period, let alone remove it for longer than the 2 minutes it takes to change it.

    I think you should buy a see through belly ring if anything. But my personal advice would be to keep it in.

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    If you take it out, it'll probably close, and you can't change your mind.

    I'd just buy a retainer.

    Or cover up. If you're at the beach, swimsuit, large t-shirt, beach shorts or sarong. And just don't stand too close to your parents?

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    it depends on how fast you normally heal.

    but if you just got it done recently it could take about 5-8 hours to close

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