Is there a way to get over the air signals through an unused dish.?

It's a Dish Network dish. It has been unused since probably 03-04, because they kept raising our bill. They never came and got the dish so will it receive channels. My tv has a digital tuner. It's late where I live but can I hook it up tomorrow and start receiving channels? I'm trying to find a cheaper way to watch tv. My service now(directv) sucks. We pay a but load and most the channels are grainy and pixelated. I don't feel like paying extra for HD channels, because my cousin has HD from the same service. New boxes and dish and all but it is still pixelated at his house. I only watch basic channels like basic cable. Mostly G4, TheN and Cartoon Network. I'd rather get free pixelated junk than have to pay for the crappy quality. Know what I mean? ;) Plus I'm trying to get through to my mother that having hdtv's does not make it automatically HD.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The dish is useless without the receiver. Your TV has no way to decode a satellite signal.

    If you want TV without paying a cable or satellite bill, your only option is a conventional antenna. Depending upon where you live, you may get by with an indoor antenna,but you'll get better reception with an outdoor antenna. There is no way, however, to receive G4, TheN or Cartoon Network over the air, these channels are not broadcast over the air.

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