is black stone in Kaaba originally a shiva linga ?

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    Shiva Linga is the eternal truth of creation of universe. A Muslim like ZAKIR would not understand this as Islam is confined to narrow minded philosophy where they cannot tolerate other person beliefs.

    Shiva Linga means a man penis and women vagina when conjoined gives eternal bliss and make forward the Creation of new life (a part of God) how can a narrow minded bigots religious person such as Islam would know about it.They don,t have capacity of it. Compering Hinduism with islam is same as compering the knowledge of 10th fail with a PHD person.

    Sorry i didn,t answer you because i have never been to Kaaba or a MUSHRIK like me will never be allowed also so i can,t say if it is a shiv-ling or not


    Dear Zakir don,t feel offended., yes the exmaples you have provided,can never be desribed as philiosophy , but Hinduism is much larger then snake and Mouse GOD, If you will read the History of Hinduism propagation, it was very much inclusive, Unlike Islam where Pagans were made to believe in islam and Allah,or they get killed ,Hinduism include all the wroshipping gods into Hinduism . There is a vaidik mantra Sthan(place) devtabhyo namah, Kul(family) devatbhyo namah, Gram(village) devetabhyo namah,everything is inclusive . Hinduism does not meant to hurt the belief of others , never ever they have used Sword to propagate there relligion. If you don,t believe in Hinduism or Multi-god worshipping thats fine for a hindu, but simmilar thing cannot be said about an Islamic follower.

    I was offended when you call shivalinga dirty, my emotions get hurt, but i would never say that you follow a person who marries a 6 year old at the age of 52 and consumate at the age of 54.Alas Religions of peodophiles teaches me the philosophy of shivalinga. I don,t want to give rubbish example of Hadith where so much **** nonsense has been written, otherwise you will be hurt again.I,m sorry Hinduism does not means to seperate humans according to there choice of worshipping, However this may be true in case of Islam where theory of co-existence is Missing, which is very dangerous to our nation India.

    However if you are ready to take your words back where you call Shivalinga dirty i have no ego to take my words back.

    EDIT2__ welcome back WARRIOR PRINCE aka Sania :) ,I offend Zakir as bigot because first he said shivalinga dirty, started by him,If you read my last line in EDIT1 i will take my words back i have no ego, but first Zakir has to take his words back where he calls shivalinga DIRTY.

    The problem starts where i or you or anybody starts saying that only my way of worshipping or my religious philosophy is good or better. This leads to no where, you remain happy as a Muslim i am happy as a Hindu. But i will show no tolerence towrads Intolerance.Ad i don,t have any right to say Islam is wrong you or anybody don,t have right to say about hinduism

    However given anyday I am an Indian first then a Hindu or something , i don,t know about you or Zakir though.

    Final Edit 2 Warrior, i suppose you are a girl that is why you get angry so easily, even you didn,t care to read my whole words properly, i can understand if you are angry i,m sorry no hard feeling :) This is nothing personal Bye have fun

    kabhi ja kar alu tikki bhi khaya karo har time yahin per baithe rahte ho :)May be your life would be boring.

    HAHAHA read this you will know Hindus and Muslims are son of same god, same belief, only a matter of differnce Islam was developed in arabia, and Hinduism in this subcontinent .

    meanwhile i will have my allu tikki :)

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Yes, I've heard this before. Some Hindus see it as a Shivalinga, the mark or sign of Shiva. There are many lingas which are swayambhu, or "self-formed" meaning that no one made them, but they just appear in nature. And they are taken to be a sign from Shiva, just as the shalagrama is a symbol of Vishnu. The black stone is usually described as a meteorite, and as something so unique and rare, it was most likely taken as a sign from God, or as something special containing the power of God by the Arabians, who therefore incorporated it into their shrine. I do not know of any evidence that the Arabians worshipped Shiva, and therefore I doubt that they themselves would have regarded it as a Shiva Linga.

  • 5 years ago

    The stone is white, it is now turn into black, its not a shiva.....

    it is Sange Aswad

    And the Mr Zakir given Right Answer,

    ..And why Hindus visit the darhga shareef ..

    they know the thruth of islam .

  • indus
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    1 decade ago

    NO, I don't think so ,., i am sure its from space, as a meteoroid or some thing else, but its now way related to any religion ,. Islam unknowingly , made rights on it . though no one needs ,.

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  • 1 decade ago

    All stones everywhere on planet earth , moon, & in outer space are Shiva linga.

    Jai Jai Linga , Jai Linga

    BTW are you trying to say that ur tool is basically a stone?

    Ladies beware

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know. But why it is always covered? is a big question and why all devotees are forced to do mudan and many rituals similar to that of a hindus do before visiting ashivalaya?

  • 1 decade ago

    no! Its not. N wat on earth makes u think dat

    N for mukul y cant he stop being narrow minded!

    If he really thinks he is a phd dn instead of putting these ques here n asking his ques here in this forum.y doesnt he go n argue with sumone who is learned. He calls Zakir naik a bigot because probably he doesnt hv answers to his ques.

    So its an easy way out to call sumone names wn he is nt present to defend himself.

    i m nt representing zakir naik bt i just feel dat u should not say bad abt nybdy wn he isnot present.

    N wat makes u think dat islam isnot tolerant for other religions. plz dnt giv those verses quoted by salman rushdie n Arun shourie from surah Baqarah! read in context.

    And u dnt even hv the right to say wat r v or wat v rnt

    i dont need ur suggestions. U go enjoy ur aloo tikki even u keep sitting here all the time.May be ur life is boring

  • 1 decade ago

    The stone is white, it is now turn into black, its not a shiva.....

    it is Sange Aswad''

    And the Mr Zakir given Right Answer,

    .........Prise be to Allah .the Creator of the heavens and the earth.who appointeth the angels messengers having wings two.three and four.He multiplieth in creation what He will. Lo ! Allah is Able to do all things'


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    a big yes

  • 1 decade ago

    I am impressed with Zakir's answer.

    May God bless him

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