Difference between 'social difference' and 'social division' ?? ( from civics )?

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    a social difference exists in every society. ppl do have differences based on language, caste, religion, region , economic status, profession or for that matter any other issue. it need not be taken in a negative sense as it is natural and integral to the existence of any society. it cant b eradicated but can b overcome and diminished. it does not involve any discrimination.

    a social division on the other hand , would mean that the differences overlap. if one belongs to a 'lower' caste, race, religion, class or ethnic group , he/she will be treated as inferior, will be discriminated against, and be subjected to harsh treatment. ex: in the US earlier, the DIVISION existed bet. blacks n whites ...blacks were poor , homeless , discriminated against... even law was against them. the same can be said abt caste in india (though r constitution prohibits it).

    DIFFERENCE would mean that despite some difference, there is no sense of inferiority among citizens.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Social difference can be on the basis of caste but social division is on the basis of religion.

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