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why does my computer restart without warning?

When im typing or doing things to FAST it randomly restarts. Why is that?

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    run ccleaner to get some disk space back.....also go-to more options tab at disk cleanup > cleanup system restore points, the last one is saved so don't worry

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    If you want to see what loads when you log in, you should go to the "Startup" folder.

    Also download Startup Inspector for windows.

    It is much safer to work with Startup Inspector for windows. It will tell you which files are system files (or it might not even show the system files). I also did research to clarify what "system32.exe" is and I thought it was a required file and by logging into safe mode and unchecking things that start up sounded dangerous.

    Anyways your computer probably restarts because your computer overheats and your processor is dying.

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    well don freak out here's the answer first you have 2 restart and log in2 safe mode

    1)befor you c the windows logo press F8 and choose safemode

    2)log in2 your user not the administrator

    3)open start menu and choose run

    4)write msconfig it will open a new box

    5)choose startup

    6)unmark any unknow program run at start up like system32.exe stuff like that

    7)keep what you need 2 run at startup like msn and yahoo etc..

    8)press apply and then ok it will ask for restart

    9)restart your computer and your desktop will never restart it self again :)

    im done have fun and good luck

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    Right click my computer then properties. Then Advanced. Then Startup and Recovery Settings button. Disable automatic restart. If you're getting a BSOD you'll be able to tell now, rather than guessing if it's overheating.

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