A PV examination is done in one of the last weeks of pregnancy ( 38 weeks) ? is it true?? and why so?

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what is the full form of PV?
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around 36-37 weeks you have to be tested for strep B so they have to get a sample. It is dangerous to have when pregnant(but rather common) because it can make the baby sick. It takes about 30 seconds for them to get the sample.

i dont know if this is what you are referring to or not.
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  • Fiona ♥ Bub #1 - Sept 09 ♥ answered 5 years ago
    PV means Per Vaginal.
    'Per' literally means 'through', so through the vagina would be the meaning of the term...
    I'm guessing it's just a test to check the cervix, for effacement and dilation.
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