toyota's marketing strategy?

how might it improve its strategy

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    1 decade ago
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    Nothing wrong with Toyota's strategy. It's a low cost leader. It's very good at it. If you want to know about low cost leadership strategy see post below.

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    1 decade ago

    make their cars more exciting, i mean toyota's are for people who aren't looking for a fun car.

    Toyota is not profitable in American anymore. Heck it is losing ground. Plus, the president of Toyota even said the cars are just boring. Along with leftlane news, motortrend, car and driver, and many other big car reviewers.

    what they need is a sporty car, something to compete in the American market with what americans have always liked. A fast luxury sports car (i.e the CTS-V, corvette, Genesis Coupe, Audi TT quattros, mercedes benz amg class cars, BMW M series)

    They also need to completely refresh the scion line up. The new Xb is being slaughtered by the reviewers and the kia soul. The tc needs a face lift.

    Lastly they need a decent car to compete better with cars like the ford fusion, and the nissan altima. A hybrid suv would also be nice

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    Toyota strategy.. lean production and low cost leader...

    However, we would like to sell car not based on lower price only... So we should make car have something unique and looks interesting in the eyes of customers as well and publicize it as the image of Toyota as well.

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    3 years ago

    concentration on the NASCAR crowd now that the Camry would be racing in NASCAR in 4 short months. marketplace how Toyotas are made in united statesa. and help the yankee financial gadget and patriotism. How ironic that the U. S. nuked Japan sixty one years in the past in basic terms for a eastern company to run a motor vehicle in NASCAR in 4 short months?

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    yea cause Supra, Celica, Titan..none of those are exciting huh? toyota is doing fine. from what i understand they are actually the number 1 car manufacturer right now.

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