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I want to purchase some gold bonds, so please help me where should I go for the same?

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  • pappu answered 6 years ago
go to SBI for Sbi gold bonds
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  • A E answered 6 years ago
    The least complicated answer is :

    Just Buy Gold ETFs like Kotak Gold, Goldbees, or Reliance Gold. The beauty of these ETFs is that you can invest in them like buying and selling regular equity stocks, can store them in your demat, and their value appreciates/depreciates as per the bullion market prices.

    It can be beneficial if you can find a difference in pricing. Sometimes these ETFs are available at a discount, and thats when you can strike it rich.


    GURU Speak : The Free* Investment Guide
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  • vincent s answered 6 years ago
    Get real gold not paper gold.

    bulliondirect.com Tulving apmex


    All I do is take these funny little rectangular pieces of paper or those electronic digits that appear on my computer screen that our zombie banks and governments call money and I turn them into silver and gold

    The medieval alchemists never even go close to that miracle!
    I am turning paper into gold, it's awesome!

    We should be thanking the collective boneheads who make this magic possible.

    And they even break their own laws to make it easier for us to do!

    What's amazing to me is:

    A few actually do it....

    A few more think about doing it....

    More talk about doing it, but aren't really convinced....

    Some even complain about doing it....

    but a lot think we're out of our freakin' minds and our wonderful government is going to make everything ok
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  • I want to purchase some gold bonds, so please help me where should I go for the same?
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