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why do people feel like its there personal job to correct others spelling and grammer? as if they make?

no mistakes themselves? to those of you answering this question who do, do that , how would you feel if someone corrected every mistake you made?

and thats a real question i want to know.


ok then brian it's learned not learnt

Update 2:

its cool to correct some one but don't do it condescendingly like all of you do, do.

Update 3:

also most of the time they are mistakes. its not that they don't know its that they made a mistake so its a little irritating for people to correct MISTAKES that others make. i understand if someone is writing a story but otherwise.

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    Well, if someone was writing a story and was asking people to go through it I would tell them if their spelling was wrong.

    If it's a normal question I probably won't say anything unless their question is just so badly written/spelled that you can't even understand it.

    I try not to be all "oh you are the worst speller I've ever seen, you're an idiot for spelling Antidisestablishmentarianism wrong!" I probably won't even comment on the spelling unless it makes the question confusing.

    Besides, I wouldn't mind if someone corrected my spelling if it helps me learn from that (unless it's obviously a typo like the and teh)

  • Anonymous
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    It is spelt learnt in British/Australian English.

    I think it is a medical condition called grammarnazitis; I'm an avid sufferer when I want to be. I only correct people if it helps with an argument (like learnt/learned, for example). Even the best grammarians make mistakes.

    I get the Grammar Nazi's itch when something is written like this:

    hy gys y do ppl fl lk its thr prsnl job to corekt othrs splng & grammmmer.

    At least you don't do that. If I can understand it without a second guess then I don't feel the need to correct it.

  • Carly
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    Not only is grammar correcting just plain rude, it’s soaked in classism, regional chauvinism, and privilege. Total etiquette fail. It gets even douchier when people want to tell me all about how they go ahead and correct other people’s grammar every chance they get. This happened with my new dentist, who, while digging around in my mouth with metal objects, regaled me with stories about how he calls people out–family members, friends, patients, probably also panhandlers with poorly copyedited signs–for using adverbs incorrectly. Adverb usage: apparently one of the Big Problems Today, along with oil rigs asploding in the Gulf and poverty and such. It’s like these people are part of a Douchebag Club A big part of the problem, in my estimation is that we as a society–even the most overeducated among us–have a poor grasp of what grammar actually is and what role it plays in writing. So here it is: grammar is a set of standards that we as a linguistic group have agreed upon to help us understand one another. Those rules tend to be culturally and regionally specific and change over time. No one descended from a mountain with two stone tablets reading, “Though shalt not use a preposition at the end of a sentence.” Adhering to grammar guidelines is about making sure that you are understood. It’s also about self-presentation, but it’s not about adhering to some sort of moral code.

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    It would probably turn me on considering I am a grammatical subject matter expert. I am not used to being corrected.

    I correct people's grammar because it's important that my son speak well. If they come around him, then I ask them to please refrain from using "ain't", "****", "****", and ending a statement with "good". (She did good. I like "well".)

    However, when I'm chillin with my homegirls, I dont bother or care about grammar as much. They speak pretty well anyway, but nonetheless, grammar is only an issue around my son. Or my would-be boyfriend.

    Grammar is a petty thing to correct---just to correct it. I obviously have a reason for ensuring grammar is correct and well-spoken around my boy. But I can imagine what it would be like to have someone correct every mistake I make.

    Some people appreciate well-spoken people. And some people just aren't well-spoken. When someone speaks correctly, it gives the impression that they take pride in how they are percieved as well as being educated.

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    I try not to correct people's spelling and grammar unless they have asked me to edit something.

    Some people correct others because it makes them feel better about themselves. Other people correct people because it's second nature to them and they can't help it. Yet more people correct others because they want the person who's made the mistake to learn from it and become a better writer.

    There are many reasons to correct someone.

  • Ryan D
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    It's grammar, with an A.

    Correcting someone else doesn't mean you believe yourself to be infallible. Everyone makes mistakes. When I make a mistake, I hope someone corrects me so I don't make it again. How are you ever to know that you did something wrong if no one tells you?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have spelt 'their' incorrectly,now go study some more,lol.

    BTW, there is nothing more irritating to some people,(myself included) then to see posts littered with incorrect spelling. You can only learn if someone corrects your mistakes, so it wouldn't worry me. Mind you, I very rarely spell anything wrong & if I do it is carelessness.

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    It wouldn't worry me in the slightest, that's how I was taught. I now make few mistakes, because I learnt.

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    Why do people feel like it's their personal job to correct other's spelling and grammar? Maybe to try to teach you something? Just trying to help.

    PS to Brian, it's learned not learnt :)

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