Hdtv and 360 help?? please?

Hi. I love the 360 and tv. The quality is great, but my problem is when I turn the 360 on even if I power up the tv and let is sit for a while is takes a few seconds to show the video. I don't even see the boot up video. I just see the ending logo and the dashboard. The tv is 1080p Dlp and I'm using HDMI to connect the two. I have tried the microsoft hdmi and a sony hdmi and they both do the same thing so I don't think it's the cable. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Any info please. Tks.


Also I have used the av connections on the same tv and it boots up fine and shows the video. So I know it has something to do with the hdmi

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hmm, replace the HDMI processor module and you should be fine after that (on the TV)

    Source(s): Over 27 years servicing TV sets.
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