I am 21 years of age.But all saying iam looking like school boy.My weight is 50kg oly.how to increase my weigh?

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I want to improve my physiq.wat shall i do.plz help me
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Don't worry. first u go and check u r body weight save to u r body weight in u r PC. Then Eat daily Peanut Butter 40 to 50g, Potatos,Sweet Potatos, 2 yolk+10 white eggs, fresh fruit juice, Banana medium size(4to5).

Afternoon : only 1 multivitamin capsule,
Cod Liver Oil Capsule(M-2,A-2,N2 = Total 6 Capsule per Day.

Weight Gain Shake : 2scoop Whey Protein+1cup Milk+Banana(1medium)+IceCream(50ml)+Hone... an mixer-grinder/blender. Ready to Drink.

Night :Before 10 min bedtime 1 cup milk + Honey(1or2tblspoon) mix and drink Daily.

(Regular Workout)

(Then Check U R weight After 2 or 3 Weeks. Replay me)
Best Of Luck !!! . Thank You !
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  • Tazz answered 5 years ago
    Calculate your weight as 1 Kg on every inch of your height. Whatever weight you are short of you need to gain it on right places like arms, chest , shoulders. thighs and calves. I am not talking about being a body builder but yes a good body has a healthy mind.
    I went thru this trauma of being underweight for 10 years and then I joined a gym with good instructor. it definitely paid me .
    I would suggest, if you are able to put some money into it, join a gym with good instructor. do a survey across your city.
    If you want to do it at home then jog, skip and do push ups daily.
    Add up a daily diet of
    2 glasses of full creme milk , sugarless, not warm but on room temperature with two spoon full of honey.
    2 bananas, one each after meal.
    If possible take 4 egg whites.
    4 Brown bread with butter and sprinkle sugar on it.
    2 table spoon full of desi ghee , in dal (must in one meal), (not with honey)
    1-2 Boil potatoes

    Divide this diet across your regular meals.You can not bulk up w/o increasing your diet.
    Do not take medicines to bulk up. i would suggest 1 LONGIFENE tablet 1/2 hour before meal.It helps in stimulating your hunger with no side effects.
    if you are consistent in your efforts for 6 months you will get what you wish for.
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