I hit the curb really hard while i was making a turn and...?

landed completely on top of the sidewalk i think my alignment went off. My car isn't drifting to the right or the left but my steering wheel is no longer aligned with my wheels. the car still goes straight even if im not holding on to the steering wheels. But, when i drive straight the steering wheel is tilted about 5-10 degrees to the right. I know i messed up my front-right tire because there is a tear on it, either way it needs to be replaced because it has the creases on the sides.

How much do you think it will cost to re-align my steering wheel.

I'm driving a Acura CL 2.3 1999

I feel blessed that i missed all the signs and that no one who was with me got hurt.

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    First thing is change that tire. If you cannot afford a new one, at least throw it on the back. When it blows out (which it will if it is torn and has creases) you may be able to control the car better than losing a front tire.

    Hopefully you did not bend an arm on the steering rack, and a simple realignment will take care of it. You will need to have two good matching tires on the front for a proper alignment to be performed. Should cost about $60-80 for the alignment if no parts required.

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    An alignment is 60-100 dollars.

  • 4 years ago

    to help firgure out what's inflicting the pull exchange the front wheel and tire section to section (suitable section to left section and vice versa). If the motor vehicle pulls to the left, then its maximum probably the tire or wheel harm. The tire would reason a pull incredibly being a used tire. If that doesn't restoration it, get an alignment. It does not take lots to knock out it out. the main your buddy ought to help with swapping the wheel/tire, yet verify you torque the wheels suited once you reinstall. as a procedures because of the fact the wawawa noise, it sounds like the tire has uneven placed on, maximum probably on the interior or outer fringe of the treads. Tires ought to oftentimes be delicate, whilst they are not the sting would be oftentimes tough once you run you hand in the time of it. desire this helped and robust success.

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    A front end alignment will set you back about $60.

    You can have a complete front end inspection done for free.

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