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3 days and no contact questions in my inbox? WTF?

Who's the yahoo responsible for that. I send a message from yahoo web mail and get it in my computer e-mail in 30 seconds but I get my Y'A contacts questions in 20 hours, if I get them at any time, and not in the past 3 days.


Which tree is that Bob.

Update 2:

Irish and Sin, here we are agin.

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    sooner or later there won't be any questioners because yahoo answer keep violating innocent questions the more violations will lead to deletion of the account we probably will have to answer what's abc and 123.

    Source(s): as soon as I started asking they will try to give me violation seems like they are waiting to bite.
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    Yahoo has been working on the site for the last 5 days. That is why there have been so many "Answers is Unavailable" messages. And lots of weird happenings.

    Click on Forum at the left side of the Y!A Home Page. There are several posts about the "contact" problems. Yahoo posts responses to the comments.

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    This is a known issue that has been around for a long time now. I know it is frustrating for those who like to see and answer your Contacts' questions. Until Yahoo sorts it out, try this alternative for seeing your contacts' questions.

    Click My Profile on the upper right on the green border. On your Profile look to the very top of your Profile right below the "Search for Questions" box. You will see several links including My Profile, My Q&A, My Network, and my Networks Q&A. Click that last one to see your Networks Q&A. A page will open for you to see the Questions and Answers written by your Contacts and their Starred Questions.

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    Your barking up the wrong tree asking me.

    Fetch them

    Money Tree

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    1 decade ago

    I keep getting Failed message.

    Followed by an note saying this is an ongoing fault sorry!!!

    I just can't get rid of it...

    I also lost my grading from 5 reverting to back to1.

    Source(s): What's my source??? My dambed computer and yahoo
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    When I notice you didn't answer my questions, I know Yahoo is sleeping again :)

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    something isn't right......sometimes I don't get notified when a certain contact asks it a yahoo glitch?

  • Daisy
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    1 decade ago

    hey stranger...I haven't gotten any in weeks.

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