I want to call an top person and i have no linkage,can anyone help in the designing Ist phone call scrip?

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I call this mission to mentor ,,,
Update : the Q is very clear , I want to call a big fish , point 1 I have no ...show more
Update 2: i fail to understand what is not clear , but still sory as its my mistake ...show more
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I couldn't figure out what you were asking, either.

What "linkage" are you writing about? What is "phone call scrip?"

Is "mission to mentor ..." a title?


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  • Ferdinand F answered 5 years ago
    Exactly what sort of big fish do you want to talk to? What do you want to manipulate this big fish into doing for you? I still have no idea what you're after.
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  • Alex answered 5 years ago
    You need to repeat your question in a more grammatical fashion. You haven't gotten answers because your question is vague and difficult to understand.
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