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Do i need Criminal record Background check (CRB) to enter a nursing home?


i am a milk man and i deliver to nursing homes,

one of them ask me to actually go inside the kitchen and put the milk away for them because they are to lazy.

i was told today by 1 of my friends that it is actually illegal for me to go inside even only in the kitchen because all people need a Criminal record background check

is this actually true??

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    No-it's a load of rubbish.

    An enhanced CRB is required for those who work regularly and are often in charge of young people and/or vulnerable adults.These tend to be Youth Workers,Teachers,Nurses etc.

    As you would never be left alone with the OAP's,or indeed,have contact with them,then there's no need for you to get one.

    Source(s): Youth Development Worker
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    No, it's not true that anyone going into a care home needs a CRB check - if that was the case then visiting family would need a check! Only those who have contact with vulnerable people need a CRB check, and as you're just going into the kitchen, and will not have contact with any of the residents, you do not need a check.

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    No, it is only for people employed there. You are not employed there -- you move about. If you needed a CRB check, then so would every plumber and electrician they called in! Not to mention visiting family and friends!

    It's a good excuse, though!

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    Hang on a sec. I am a 16 year old boy who works at a railway depot, and I needed one when we had children round. You need one if you are going to work with any vulnerable people... elderly people are classed into that category I'm afraid.

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    In Ireland you need garda (police) clearance to even enter a nursing home, old folks home, creche, school etc. so I guess the laws in other countries could be similar. The point of it is to protect more vulnerable members of society.

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    no! you only need one to work there, if your not getting poor old betty up and dressed and making her breakfast you dont need a crb....imagine....all the relatives of residents being crb'd befor they can visit their grannies!

    and who ever gave me a thumbs down is ridiculous. my answer is honest and truthful

    Source(s): worked in many homes. visited many elderly in their own homes before working there...had to have a crb to work
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    I honestly don't know, it is a grey area. Check out the website for more info.

    Source(s): Been checked as I volunteer at a school.
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