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Is Nintendo DS an appropriate game for a 4 year old, or is it for older children?

His grandma already bought him one, so it's too late now anyways. My wife hates the idea of it though. But the reason I'm asking is because he is starting to take more of an interest in it, so I am debating buying him a new game for Christmas. (He's had it for a few months and picked it up maybe 3 times) What do you think?


This past week I have been noticing him playing it a lot more frequently, he will actually sit there for a long period of time. I think before he just pushed random buttons not knowing what to do.

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    If the damage is already done, you might as well buy him "Animal Crossing". At least then he can hook up to me via wifi.

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    Nintendo is the best Family Friendly gaming system. There is plenty of games that are appropriate for his age group and also for you and your wife. Leapster is also a great gaming system for kids of that age about playing games while learning. I grew up with a computer so I had so many CD-ROM games but once my friends introduced me to Nintendo, it was kid-friendly and I had a bit of habit of not putting it down.

    You say that he only picked it 3 times maybe because there is no game that interests him at the time. I say talk to him about how he feels about it and if he would like a game and you can pick the right kind. Just to let you know make sure to place some ground rules with him when he is older, Nintendo is sort of the gateway video game to all the other ones that get a bit violent and addicting. All was talk to your wife about it as well even though she hates the idea but tell her what you are thinking hear each other out then decide

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    Yes, my little cousins who are 4,5,and 6 all got nintendo DS's for christmas. They cant play a lot of games obviously because some ARE too mature, but Nintendo does make games specifically for that age group.

    Mario cart for example

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    I don't like the idea of starting kids out on video games this young. It's bad enough 6 and 7 year olds are walking around with these things. What happened to actually playing with toys rather than staring at a screen?

    I think there are better gifts out there for someone this age.

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    Well ask him what kind of game he wants and let him pick it out. If he doesnt play with it after you buy the game, then tell him your not buying anymore games.

    My cousins have 1 ds (Their ages are 1, 5, 7, 13 and 13) and they all play with it (except the 1 year old of course.)

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    The ds is pretty much for every age group, I even know of a grandmother who enjoys her dsi (the new ds with a camera) more than anything and will whip it out every chance she gets to show off her pictures on it. I have the original ds and a dsi and I love mine to pieces and I have well over 30 games for it, it is great for RPGs too. They have some great kid games too, I don't like them of course but I have two or three of them for my nieces and nephews (same age as your son) to play when they come over so they leave my big systems (360) alone. I would get him a new game for christmas but teach him how to keep track of his games and not lose them because it is difficult for them to not lose them at that age so make a rule about putting games in the cases and keeping them in cases and they only come out when they are being played.

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    I'm 24, I have a DS, and I'm a nanny. I think 4 is just too young. I think 7-8 is the youngest just because they don't get that they have to take care of it and they don't understand how much money things are. There's not that many games for that age anyway. Since he has one just teach him how to care for it.

  • I bought my 4 year old a Leapster 2 and he plays with it every day. My 2 year old can do some of the basic functions like drawing and coloring on the Leapster 2. We have a DS and y 4 year old does not play with it.

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    1. the rating on a game is nothing to do with target audience

    2. more concerns than just age, not every teenage play consoles and not every OAP knits.

    3. the reason for the change in rate of okay is probably because he now understands the game and enjoys it

    4. generally though, i would expect the target audience to start at around six, but if he likes it then fine.

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    There are many DS games on the market catered to the interest and skill levels of young children.

    Three times in several months is dismal use. If your wife isn't too keen on him having it in the first place perhaps it's best not to get something that would spark his interest in it.

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    A Nintendo DS? Your 4 year old should be coloring in coloring books or making macaroni pictures.

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