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what is systole and diastole?

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    Our heart takes about a minute to pump all the blood of our body (5 l). On an average it pumps about 7500 l of blood throughout the day!

    This is an enormous amount of work in each minute. The heart beats about 72 times and each such beat (single heart beat) is called the cardiac cycle and takes 60/72 = 0.8 seconds to complete. In every such cycle the atria and ventricles contract and relax alternately. The pressure in these chambers increase and decrease and so does the valves of the heart open and close.

    During each cardiac cycle, the atria of our heart contracts. This state is called atrial systole. At the same time the two ventricles relax called as ventricular diastole. The ventricles (both) contract during the relaxation of atria (both). One complete cardiac cycle begins and ends with every ventricular diastole.

    One must note that during systole, there is emptying of chambers and diastole fills the heart chambers with blood. Therefore, each cardiac cycle consists of four stages .

    1. Atrial systole. It lasts for 0.1 second, when both the atria contract and pushes blood into the ventricles. This is also called rapid filling phase.

    2. Ventricular systole. Both the ventricles contract forcing blood out into the pulmonary artery ( to the lungs) and the aorta ( to body parts). It consumes 0.3 seconds.

    This produce a sudden rise in the pressure within the ventricles. As the blood tries to flow back, the AV valves close.

    The closing of atrioventricular valves during ventricular systole produces the first heart sound, lubb.

    Thus for a very short time the ventricles are completely closed cavities.

    3. Atrial diastole. It is as a result of the relaxation of the atria which is filled with blood via vena cavae.

    4. Ventricular diastole. Ventricles relax to fill blood passively coming from the atria. As the blood passes into the arterial trunks, the semilunar valves close and the pressure in the ventricles falls.

    This causes the second heart sound, 'dupp'.

    The joint atrial and ventricular diastole is known as joint diastole or complete cardiac diastole. It takes about 0.4 seconds.

    Source(s): VPM Signature of Biology and Pradeep's Objective Biology by Dr.S.Biswas and Dr.A.Biswas
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    What Is A Diastole

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    phases of the heart in its cycle of active phase(pumping blood) and relaxing phase.

    systole is the action phase when the two ventricles(the two muscular lower chambers) pump blood out of the heart( the right side pumps to the lungs and left side pumps to the whole body)

    diastole is the phase of the heart when its kind of at rest---actually the ventricles are filling with blood from the upper chambers(the atria)

    people measure their blood pressure with reference to these two phases of the heart. the systole is the pump phase so the blood pressure would be be the higher number that is in the reading(becase the heart is trying to get blood to all of the parts of the body in one squeeze and the diasrole wuld be the lower number as the heart is at rest waiting for the next squeeze.

    the normal reading for these would be like 120 / 80 (described as 120 over 80)

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    Systole is contraction(shrinking) and diastole is expansion(swelling).

    Thsese terms are used in heart beat and in the contractile vacuole of Amoeba, among other places.

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    systole is contraction of heart and diastole is relax position of heart.

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    the.... luubbbb and dubb... sound of your heart is called a systole and diastole... means... the contraction and relaxation of heart... it's time is like... 0.6 sec for a systole... and 0.2 for a diastole...!

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    Cuando el aire entra en tus pulmones es sistole y cuando sale diastole, y con ello todos los procesos que se derivan de la oxigenacion del cuerpo

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    systole-wen blood enters your heart.....

    diastole-wen blood is purified n pumped 2 other parts of the body

    Source(s): go to it has better info
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