Please give me a few ideas on corruption the root cause of all evils as a declamation topics?

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i have to take part in an declamation competition so please do send it by 10:30 pm(IST)
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Corruption is a wake term to use per vision of accepting bribes, money, or just anything, called as corruption which is not normally acceptable by the society. Corruption and efficiency is Viceversa, as corruption increases, efficiency decreases. When it is in terms of money we deny the things which are true and the person get it inliu forgetting the money. Corruption is due to slackness and the people are socially corrupt and they want to get the things in any way for which they are not entitled. Corruption is mostly in government offices, religions, different institutions and especially in human's soul. It is important to remove corruption because we are habituated to live with it andpersons are stubbed born to impose it and a single person is unable to remove it and lastly i want to say that we should see ourselves from inside and try to grow our souls and try to finish those chances in which corruption is done.

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thanks for the answer
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  • Vivek answered 5 years ago
    Corruption can be considered the root cause of all evils because when the political figures of a country are corrupted, the people of the country who pay the taxes for increasing their standard of living are not able to do so.And also the country is not able to progress as the infrastructure and even the economic development of the country slows down.Moreover the people do not get services for which they pay.And if in a democracy if the money paid by the people does not reach the state then such a democracy is of no use.
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