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I work out at night and then go to sleep a couple hours later; is this a bad idea?

I been doing the P90X workout routines and have been wondering if it is a bad idea for my health to then go to sleep afterwords.

By the way, I'm 19 5'10 and weigh 140. Not try to less weight but gain muscles and become more tone.


thank you everyone i wish i could vote all of you for best answers.

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    a couple hours before bedtime aint that bad, but i'd make sure to eat right after working out(like within 30min), 'cause you shouldnt go to bed right after eating, its not good if you wanna get toned/decrease body fat and it might mess with your ability to get sleep, dont forget sleep is a big factor if you wanna see results

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    Fact, muscle weighs more than fat.

    Working out before you get to bed can help you rest better. So long as you do not over exert yourself before going to bed than you will be fine. If you push yourself too much, and if you tear a muscle allot more than your body can repair by the moring. You will be laying on a stiff muscle all night, this could cause the muscle to sease. So there are pros and cons but so long as you don't push yourself too much your good to go!

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    no its not bad at all.. nothing to be worreid about.. just make sure u have some protein after your workout...

    but going to sleep will not hurt you... infact u might get better results.. as the growth hormone is released when u sleep.... and its right u worked out

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    As long as you cool down and stretch after your workout and you have no trouble sleeping after working out (some people do), it's fine.

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