Is Fox News still objective if it openly supported two anti-government rallies?

T.E.A. Party March, and 9/12 Rally were openly advertised. However both these rallies are anti-government but during a Democratic Administration, how come Fox didn't openly advertised anti-Iraq war protests?

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    Fox News or Beck, Hannity and O'Reilly ? Fox "News" did do a report on ALL the protests including the anti-war. Beck and the others simply offered a more robust perspective of the others, because they are in a "battle" of their own to expose Obama and his administration as the leftist leaning socialists they are. When do you Libs THANK Beck for having forced the resignation of a TRUE communist, racist, anti-American radical, a "personal and intimate" friend of Obamas ?

    Does your SILENCE mean you "supported" this ? Of course it does.

  • Don J
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    1 decade ago

    The anti-war rallies were attended by not nearly as many people. It was still covered. I remember Cindy Sheehan being the darling of network news during the Bush administration. Covering the news shouldn't be construed with advertising even though that is the ultimate result. Consider when the White House libeled Fox News and actively attempted to shut them out of interviews. This was HUGE advertising for FNN. People left CNN in droves to check out the baaaad FNC. And most of them discovered the WH was mostly full of it. Apparently the people whining the loudest only bother to look at selective clips of goofy entertainers and don't bother to check the facts they are clowning about. Very foolish.

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    I like Fox news but I think it is a joke to call it objective. I make sure to watch CNN and MSNBC as well as Fox so I can get a balanced perspective.

    As far as the advertising is concerned, what other products and events are advertised on the network? I have seen some conservative commercials on MSNBC and some liberal commercials on Fox. Advertisements are based on who wants to pay money for the time.

    And the Tea Parties are not anti-government. They are anti-BIG government.

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    1 decade ago

    No, neither of those rallies were anti government. They were for tighter controls on our government and more respect for the constitution. Aside from that, the support for those rallies was during opinion programing, not news programing. There is no reflection of the news portion of the show, which is highly regarded as accurate and fair, even by their competition.

    You'll notice that the kind, understanding and accepting liberals who responded to you question did so with hateful remarks and insults for both FOX and their viewers. Since FOX has the highest ratings out there, they are basically calling the majority of people stupid. Such arrogance, contempt and hatred out of the party that is supposed to be the party of kindness and consideration of others is hard to understand unless you assume they are not what they claim themselves to be. Perhaps all their vicious name calling and finger pointing should give you an idea of what they really are like?

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    Inquiring Atheist,

    I must have missed the advertisements on the news programs; however, I do know that Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, and Sean Hannity did support and talk up the "Tea Party" movement on their programs. Please remember that the three aforementioned individuals do not host news shows, but "political" talk shows on the network (the same as Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow do on MSNBC). These shows deal with opinions and the last I checked we were permitted to have opinions and discuss them in open forums like TV and radio networks.

    The Fox Network has valid news programs that appear to be balanced and objective. The network doesn't tell you what to think, but reports the news as clear and complete as possible allowing you to take from it what you will.

    Further, Fox News did report on the anti-Iraq war protests in this and other countries around the world as they developed. I cannot say what the "political" talk shows did since I don't take, nor do I have the time, to watch and listen to every talk show on the airwaves. I do have a life.

    Considering the White House's stance and public attacks on Fox News, President Obama should be happy that Fox still seems to be able to report happenings with his administration in an unbiased manner (and I hope it stays that way). I do know from watching Fox on occasion that they do find his "war" with them amusing. The President might wish to rethink his "don't talk to Fox" mantra before he tarnishes his reputation with the electorate.

    After all, he wanted the job and now he has it and all of the questions, answers, criticisms and political posturing that come with the job. Like the old saying goes "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen."

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    I don't watch Fox, but so what if they did? Political parties are free to advertise on any network they like. I assume the Tea Party likely put advertising dollars into where they knew they would get the biggest response.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ok.... cons lets set a few things straight, since you clearly don't watch your own Fox News...

    first... the NEWS part did ROUND THE CLOCK, 24-7 COVERAGE of the event...

    did they do that, or even anywhere in the same solar system, with the anti-war protests? no... then it was a little 5 minute story and moved on...

    so, don't play the "it was the commentators" bs...

    the bias is BLATANT to anyone who cares... they aren't trying to hide it... and the people who watch don't care...

  • 1 decade ago

    no. especially since it probably played a key role in organizing those anti-government rallies.

  • 1 decade ago

    Fox news openly admits that their main commentators (Hannity, Beck, Cavuto, etc.) are not reporting news during their shows. They're simply giving their perspective of the world, and are therefore not required to be accurate in the statements they make. Glenn Beck has explicitly said that himself, too.

    If you interpret what they say is news, that's your own issue.

  • 1 decade ago

    Fox News is biased, just as all the stations are.

    But Fox News viewers are split just about evenly between the liberals, conservatives and moderates. The other stations have mostly liberals watch.

    So if you wanted to advertise a small government event (NOT an anti-government event) then you will prefer to advertise on Fox.

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