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Foreign Exchange Student Double Standard?

I am posting this a second tiem because I did not get very many responses.

I am 14 and living in Texas as a foreign exchange student. I am from England, and (in America) I am in the 9th grade.

Yesterday two of my friends and me were caught cheating on a science test (yes, I know that was VERY wrong). The school rules in Texas state that cheating ='s a paddling, and both of my friends got sent home with corporal punishment consent forms. As an exchange student, my teacher let me off with Saturday detention.

I think that it is odd that schools can spank kids here (they don't in England), and I think we are all too old (I haven't had that in YEARS) but I ALSO feel that there is an unfair double standard at play. I have already heard comments from mutual friends, and even I feel bad that I am getting off light just because I am foreign. I knew the same rules/consequences they did.

My host mother has offered to call my teacher and request that I get the same consequence, but I am not sure I want to go that far either. I am a total wimp about pain, and part of me is really happy to get off easy. In the end, the decision is in my court, but its a really tough one. I want to do what is fair/right, but I also don't want to get my butt fried.

We have no school today (teacher work day) but I have to make a decision by tomorrow.

What should I do?


Kim M-- Its hard to say, but I think its likely they would have signed it. Meanwhile, it isn't about "sucking it up" for saturday detention. To be honest, I don't mind saturday detention at all, I can get homework done there, still get out at noon, and have all my homework done for the weekend to boot!

Update 2:

Dalton's Mommy --- I really appreciate your perspective. Would you mind IM'ing me real quick so I can ask a follow up question? katiebabela@yahoo.com

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    Well, your parents cannot sign the consent form so you will probably not get that punishment. Yes, in some schools down south and west they still have Corporal Punishment. It is not an option in NY public schools. I feel it should be up to the parents and consent forms are a good thing. ---Especially if the reasons are in questions; not cheating but like a fight involving 2 or more kids if I thought my child did not deserve the punishment I would talk to the school. (Say if a bully was beating on my child and my child finally hit him back, I would refuse to punish my child for standing up to the bully) I think it is not fair you would not get the same punishment so I would go for the spanking, I would not care if you were a wimp because the punishment is SUPPOSED to deter you from doing it again.

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    I think they let you off light because your parents aren't there to sign a consent form. I personally think school paddling is ridiculous, so I'd take the weekend detention. Maybe the other kids parents will not sign the consent form and you'll have company. The other kids will just have to get over it. Besides, I though foreign exchange students had to be the cream of the crop. Why would you cheat? That's just dumb. I really hope you weren't just trying to impress your new American friends.

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    Just because they were sent home with consent forms, doesn't mean their parents will consent to someone else spanking their child. Honestly, I would call your mom and ask her if she was given one, if she would consent and base your decision on that. I think the school is concerned with the fact that your parents aren't here to consent and since corporal punishment is a hotly debated topic, they don't want to get sued.

    Personally I think it is out of place for someone who isn't the parent to punish their child that way. With that said I would take detention. If your friends want that option, then they need to beg their parents to not sign.

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    The reason you were let off light had less to do with your nationality and more to do with concerns over receiving valid consent from the host parent. Can your host parent even consent to such a thing? If the host parent has a power of attorney to permit corporal punishment, there should be no impediement to the host parent permitting it. Whether you go through with it is up to you.

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    I don’t believe it’s a Foreign issue here.

    If you were from the school, born and raised in Texas, you’re parents would have needed to sign that consent form. Do you think they would have? If you really think they would have signed it, then go in and tell them that you'd rather have a spankin' If not, suck it up and lose a Saturday.

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    I agree that I don't think they're giving you special treatment as a non-American. Your parents are not here to sign the consent.

    Most schools in the US do not allow paddling. Yours is very much an exception to the rule.

    I would serve the weekend detention.

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