Is there a difference between soft phone and VoIP?

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Are Soft phone (Software Phone) and VoIP ( Voice over internet Protocol ) Different
Update : Is softphone allowed in india-specifically mumscall (
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Soft Phones are a type of VoIP service. For more information on the types of voip phones please visit:

VoIP stands for voice over IP. It is the ability to send/receive voice communications using the internet. There are a number of methods for doing so and different types of devices that are available. A soft phone is a software phone that runs on your computer. In order to make calls, you will have to have your computer turned on, the soft phone software running, and a voip service provider so you can actually make calls. Many companies who run their own asterisk voip system will set up their employees with soft phones so they can be reached anywhere.

For more information on voip services, pbx services and reviews on companies, please visit


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  • David answered 4 years ago
    Softphone is a piece of software that acts as a phone. You can make Internet phone calls through your computer with it using the Internet Protocol (IP)
    VOIP includes this but encompasses a lot more. It includes office phone systems (PBX's) that use this "protocol" and digital services from phone companies. When you use a softphone you are also using VOIP. More info on my source link below.
    David LaCroix

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  • d4rkjed1 answered 5 years ago
    They are pretty much the same.
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