can you eat the skin of every fruit being that most of them are nutritious?

which can't or shouldn't you eat

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    Yes they are nutritious.

    Those most nutritious skins are pumpkin skins, when baked they are soft ( it is a fruit), especially Kabocha squash- a very dark green squash with very sweet orange flesh and the baked skins are better than baked potato skins IMO. so good.

    TOmato skins- apple, pear, grape skins, peach and nectarine.

    If you can, eat the skin of kiwi, it is really good for you. Any fruit that is paler in the middle, is much more nutrient rich at the skin- like a kiwi.

    Wherever the darkest colour of the fruit is, is wherre the nutirents are most.

    You should not eat coconut skin ( duh!), pineapple, or prickly fruit skin, they do have jagged bits.

    Any skin is up for grabs to eat, it's just that some are very coarse.

    MAny people jam banana skins and orange peel skins in marmalade or jam, and there are nutrients in thjem. Grapefruit skin is a really good jam, but I can't eat it raw., Make jame out if them- all the zest is in the skin and peel or citrus fruits and that is gold for you health. They make a really good gift - home made jams.

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    You shouldn't eat the skin of fruits or vegetables unless they have been organically grown (without the use of pesticides or fungicides). Conventionally grown produce has been sprayed with chemicals that keep bugs away and allow farmers to harvest larger crops without losing so many to infestations or disease, but these chemicals stay on the produce and you will ingest them if you eat them. If you eat them with the skin intact, the chemical concentrations are even higher.

    The skin of citrus fruit, though kind of bitter-tasting, actually holds a lot of nutritional value, but again, I wouldn't recommend eating any fruit that isn't organic. You'll actually be doing yourself more harm than good because of the chemicals and residue that's on them.

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    Well there are some obvious ones I think you wouldn't want to eat the skin of like kiwi, pineapple, bananas etc. Peaches, pears, nectarines, plums, etc. have very edible skin that is good for you to eat. With oranges, lemons and limes, you can use a zester (a citrus grater) to grate the colorful top layer of skin to garnish desserts, salads, chicken dishes, soups, etc. with. Just don't go down into the white pithe because it's very bitter.

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    1 decade ago

    You probably could eat the skin of citrus fruits, but it would be rather bitter, but the zest can be used for flavourings, and if the fruit is preserved it is the skins you eat.

    Kiwifruit is a bit hairy and I don't think you can do anything with banana skins.

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  • James
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    1 decade ago

    Some fruit skins can actually make you ill if you ingest them. I don't rememember which, but it may be citrus skins. Tiny amounts wont hurt you.

  • 4 years ago

    can I eat a prickly pear in a juicer skin and all?

  • 5 years ago

    spinach, hands down

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