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How to increase the size of the breasts?

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The most efficient technique was proven to be the one known as "doctor Chang?s method", which we present below:

•The massage will be done while sitting, with the right foot's heel pressing on the zone of the clitoris (the zone above the urethra)
•The pressure created with the right heel above the named area has to be moderated but firm enough in order to not create a huge ****** effervescence.
•Once this effervescence has appeared, the concomitant massage of both breasts can be started, using circular moves for growth, performing them softly, but with intensity, in order to maintain a certain ****** effervescence state.
Inside this inner state that has been created, the growth process of the breasts is evoked with intensity, visualizing beautiful breasts. To perform this massage correctly, it is very important to have a rich imagination and daily perseverance.

Medicinal oils for the massage:

Natural extracts from plants, once they had come into the skin, permit an amplification of the natural process of growth of the breasts. This is possible because of the stimulation characteristics they exert on the breasts. Among these remedies, we mention:

•the wheat germs oil - it is a product that can easily be procured today, from most naturist shops: it has to be applied in moderate doses, from one to three times a day. It has oestrogenic effect and it is very rich in E vitamin.
•dill oil - it can be obtained by anyone, by macerating the dill seeds in vegetal oil (olive oil if possible). The usual proportion is of 30 grams of seed powder with 200 ml of olive oil. After macerating for three weeks, it has to be filtered, and the rest of the plant is thrown away. The resulted oil, which is very aromatic, will be used two or three times a day. At the beginning, it is possible that certain breast pain may appear (this is natural at most natural methods of breast growth) and will disappear after four or five days of treatment.
The oil quantity used for one massage has to be moderated; more oil is added only if the existing one can be absorbed without difficulty by the skin.


Those women that are confronted with breast inflammations or nodules, will not use these massage oils.
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  • Emmy answered 5 years ago
    A few proven methods:

    1. Genetics: Wait until you're an adult, and if you're genetically predisposed to be large, you will be by then.
    2. Plastic surgery: Surgery to insert plastic behind the breasts.
    3. Weight gain: Eat everything in sight and the breasts will grow (along with everything else).
    4. Underwear: Push up bras, padding, and simply stuffing the bra cups with something will make the breasts appear bigger, but they'll still be the same size when naked.
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  • pradeep answered 5 years ago
    he dear

    forget to do this

    this is a natural thing it automatically increase with age,. weight, size of body ,
    once you get married it wiill start to increase

    i think u are a 17 to 20 yrs girl looking to be attractive by breasts

    but these are natural

    so leasve it on nature
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  • Question asker answered 5 years ago
    1: Putting on some weight

    2: Massaging the breast into lactation.

    3: Sit down imagine them growing and feel them becoming bigger . Your brain belive they are growing and in response produces didfrent hormons.

    4: Hormone therapies

    5: Surgery

    6: Getting pregnant.

    7: herbs
    and take alook at
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  • sensan44Y answered 5 years ago
    Don't try to change your natural size . A handful is quite OK .
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  • ez80227 answered 5 years ago
    don't even try, it's a myth. besides, not only is there nothing wrong w/ small breasts, the big ones will just end up around youre bellly, or worse, your knees, when you get older...
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  • sri ram answered 5 years ago
    Let ur boyfriend to keep massaging regularly. It will automatically increase. :-)
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  • Jackie answered 5 years ago
    There is no way to make your chest bigger besides plastic surgery or gaining tons of weight.
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  • U answered 5 years ago
    Implants. Anything else that "MIGHT" work is based on hormones that will give you cancer. Not a good idea.
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  • How to increase the size of the breasts?
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