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God does not play dice !,Einstein said it,What does he mean ?And what you understand of this?

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    1 decade ago
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    The statement was made during an argument between Einstein and Nils Bohr at a symposium in Copenhagen in 1928 concerning indeterminacy in Quantum Mechanics. Einstein, an hardcore determinist denied that indeterminacy was a valid principle and insisted that everything is 100% predictable given sufficient understanding of the data. Bohr argued that since the act of observation affected the outcome an element of unpredictability was inevitable. When Einstein said "God does not play dice with the Universe, Nils" Bohr replied "Stop telling God what to do, Albert".

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    Dice Meaning

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    Einstein disliked the randomness hides at the heart of the theory. Therefore, he said "God does not play dice!" As for my understanding, everything in this world is set in a unique and eternal way. Not the god who created this world, but the rule of nature created everything with a set of rule. The one can survive will be survive, the one can not last will be wipe out forever. Randomness is not important due thing will base on all the major fact and principle.

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    first of all, the complete saying is that: God does not play dice with the universe; everything is interconnected and has a meaning. What Einstein means is that everything that God does, he has a purpose. As humans, whenever we do not see meaning in even the smallest of occurences, we tend to see it as useless. We are impatient and when we don't see the purpose behind things immediately, we are scornful. The truth is, everything happens for a reason, and although in our fury or pain, we choose to be blind to whatever the reason may be, we must keep our eyes open and then, one day, we will be able to see the true reason for things to have happened.

    It reminds me of a story my Papa told me. A king and his most faithful minister. One day, the King wanted some peaches, the servants were too late to come with the knife, so the King took out his own sword and slashed off a branch from the tree, when he accidentally cuts off his finger. everyone becomes a witness to this. the King is obviously humiliated. then, the minister says, everything happens for the best dear King. the King is insulted by these words and fires the minister. anyway, one day, the king and his men set off to hunt a wild animal in the jungle between two kingdoms. meanwhile, men from the neighbouring kingdom are looking for a human to sacrifice for their latest venture, and have set off in the same jungle. while the hunting spree goes wild, and the king finds himself alone with his prey, the men from the other kingdom find him, but just when they are about to kill him, they realise, one of his fingers was missing. thinking this would be an insult to God, they let him go. now, the king realises what the minister meant. he reappoints the minister but asks him, if everything happens for the best then what good came out of me firing you? oh, that's an even simpler matter, replies the minister. i would've been your frontman had i not been fired, and if you were not to be killed, then i'd be the next one to be chosen for a human sacrifice...

    so, basically, God foresees all events in our lives, and plans the smallest of details, so that our life can proceed just the way it should. that's why, although we may not realise it at first, or ever, every single thing that happens in our lives is part of a single framework, and is interconnected, written by the hands of God. so don't go about cursing your life. there is a reason behind everything, whether you look at it scientifically, or spiritually.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Einstein was the father of Quantum mechanics principle, but he dis liked it because, it involved probability. He quoted ' God does not play dice' meaning that God creating this world is on a perfect principle which did not involve any chance for probability.

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    1 decade ago

    It means the universe (God's kingdom) is not ruled by the luck or chance. It is ruled by fixed principles . When we play dice, each time the outcome is different. Acc to einstein the universe does not function like that, rather it functions on principles of science, where given the same circumstances, the outcome will always be the same.

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    ever hear "rolling the dice" used as a way of saying try it and hope you get lucky?

    Einstein was basically saying that god takes no chances. nothing he does is a result of luck. its all planned out and flawless.

    whether you agree with E or not. thats what he said

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    yeh i am totally agree with the saying that he(GOD) never plays dice with the universe as because everything in this world is fixed according to the action u are diong .Every one in the world is getting the result of the work done in the past .If u are cultivating apple seeds in the field u can never get grapes same as this result we also get the result what we r doing.

    If something goes wrong beyond expection we used to blames god for the same but we never see inside our kolor what we have done .

    There is also a saying that "every action has a reaction".


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He Created Destiny and Everything is Created for a Reason...not random

  • 1 decade ago

    This means that God s action is clean and perfect and is not based on chances.

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