Atheist what do you think about miracles?

Miracles that can not be explained. Things that doctors can't explain like tumors disappearing or cancers that go away just in a blink of an eye. Will you consider it just plain luck? How about people that were deaf and now are able to hear and blind people able to see?

What do you guys and gals think of them?

I know it is the proof of Jesus love for humanity that healings are done but in your perspective, what is it to you?


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Blacksheep has a point. the majority would either thank and praise God or just say that was a hoax. yet, if a miracle was performed right in front of you by someone you knew it would be a different story

Update 2:

heavy metal Jesus.----

God loves everyone equally, but how many people put their trust and faith in God? Not a lot.

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    I think it is absolutely wonderful ... when it really happens. And I know it does. Less often than some claim, but nevertheless it does.

    But a lot of other "miracles" happen that don't interest the religious types trying to prove something. Like water on the moon. Miracles, like beauty, are in the eyes of the beholder. There is nothing wrong with that ... the world would be a dull place without such things.

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    No, it's not that Doctors can't explain it, it's because you can't accept it. Some people's cancer just goes into remission and it's not magical, just the body doing it's job at fixing things on it's own. Sometimes it can, some times you die. It would be a miracle if a blind person could see if they lost their eyes. How come that NEVER happens? How come miracles NEVER cause a severed limb to grow back? How come miracles are restricted ONLY to instances where the body can heal itself? Why is your God so limited in helping injured people? Doesn't he like blind people with no eyes, or amputees?

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    Medical miracles are just scientific mysteries that haven't been explained yet. There is energy within people that has nothing to do with some silly deity. For example there is some asian guy that can make his hands heat up to amazingly high temperatures using nothing but his mind. Its not god, its the human body. There are obviously things we don't know about the human body yet to the fullest extent.

    How do you explain it when your god does nothing? I know of a few people now who had entire congregations of people praying for god to heal them and not a damn thing happened. Where was the miracle then?

    Its a miracle christianity isn't outlawed for all the suffering it has caused nutso believers who think god exists and miracles are from god.

  • Paul E
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    Not everyones tumors or cancers go away.

    question, do you believe that some people are deserving of the miracle over overs? does jesus only love the ones he saves and not the others?

    I would say that i dont know why some people heal and others dont, however i dont immediately cry out Jesus Saved them.

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    Miracles: Natural occurrences that defy common perspective. We considered the lunar cycle a miracle for a while, yet we now fully comprehend it. It's only a matter of time before we can explain these.

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    What an ignorant question.

    You know how, when you're reading a book and watching TV at the same time, you read the same word at the exact same time it's spoken on TV? Or, when you're walking through the mall, and you think of a person, and then MAGICALLY that person appears in a store you're in?

    Those are called coincidences, not MIRACLES. You should treat the tumors disappearing the same way you treat those COINCIDENCES.

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    1 decade ago

    You mean like the time Jesus directed Mrs. Crowley right to the supermarket that had roast beef at half price, exactly what she was looking for?

    Or the time that Jesus came down and made a new leg and put it on an amputee?

    Yeah well, in those two cases I'd need proof it actually happened.


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    Obviously unexplained "miracles" are called unexplained for a reason. However, just because someone doesn't know why a patient, who was supposed to die, lived, doesn't mean that a deity performed a miracle.

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    It's a tad too ambiguous for me to attribute such things to a deity.

    You forget how many people ARE NOT 'saved' by these 'miracles'.

    The number of cancer related deaths far exceeds the 'miraculous healings' you refer to. Does "God" love some people more than others?

    Source(s): WWHMJD? HE WOULD ROCK!!! Thou shalt turn thy music UP!
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    Sneezing cannot be explained just a few centuries ago, therefore the church tells the people it is the devil that went into your body and your body is trying to expunge it out. Therefore it is important to say "God bless you" when someone sneezed .....

    What do you think now?

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