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While we feel proud for The President Of India - Pratibha Patil, my question is .....?

Was it necessary for Pratibha Patil to take a flight in Sukhoi 30 (fighter plane )? Since this involves lot of man power and government expenditure. She became first women aged 74 to fly in Sukhoi 30 and has been entered in Guinness Book of Records. 2 more Sukhoi's were flown to escort her ensuring her safety. All the fitness rules were overseen to allow her to fly. Is it right for her to fly for personal pleasure and fame? She is no person to evaluate performance of Sukhoi. What do u think?


* She is no person to evaluate performance of Sukhoi " by this i mean she does not have any technical know how, Other wise she(President Of India) is head of all Defence force of India so she definitely has the authority.

Update 2:

Is it ethical to waste Nation's resources for personal fun and fame?

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    where there is politics there is lost of people's hard earned money...that's it.

    they are involved in lot more unnecessary things. this was nothing in front of those things. hope u remember of the 'statues' in U.P.

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    By virtue of being the most powerful Indian, the President of India and the Chief of the Armed Forces, the people of this country has willingly given her the freedom to fly a Sukhoi 30.

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    Considering her age she should not done that. It was just a fun ride for her but it takes lot of resources of our country for that fun ride.The plane was flown just as any other commercial plane without much of the G forces involved in the ride. It was just a stunt and a joy ride for her.

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    She is the President of India little boy.

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    yes she had all the right being the chief of the armed forces she can evaluate the performance and we definitely should be proud of her. this is how the democracy works

  • hanvis
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    This is an opportunity for wide publicity while putting rubber stamps on wide range of papers helping to get over weakness.

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    Total wastage of nation’s money. President of India is a rubber stamp and do nothing.

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