What is the best way to not get disappointed?

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Have no expectations......... Just try your best and leave the rest (to GOD).........
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  • BikerChick answered 4 years ago
    Don't count on anything or anybody.
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  • Click To View Profile answered 4 years ago
    Have very low expectations ad don't get your hopes up. Be negative about everything and sob get excited about stuffs.
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  • GᒪOᖇIOᑌᔕ ᗰIᔕᖴIT answered 4 years ago
    Kill off every human instinct within you and you will not get disappointed, but then you will not get happily surprised either.

    Disappointment is proof that you are striving for something better, that you have yet to get to the point where you are at your best. Yes, this also applies when other people make you disappointed. Just as we have to know sadness to know what true happiness is we need to know disappointment to know satisfaction and happy surprises.

    We have emotions to guide us through life and to teach us right from wrong, to avoid the emotions is to avoid the things that we are supposed to learn from life.
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  • LostInCalifornia answered 4 years ago
    Well, the best way not to get disappointed is to have very low expectations, not to count on yourself or anyone else for anything. However, if you live your life that way, then you'll likely be disappointed in yourself and in your life. There's no easy answer. So, I would say, "Do your best at all times, treat others as you wish to be treated, and let the chips fall where they may.

    I have no clue what you're really asking, but here's my response anyway. Hope it doesn't disappoint you. :)
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  • 1337dude answered 4 years ago
    No expectations. Everything sucks, it always has: make that your motto.
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  • Sidhu answered 4 years ago
    Try to find out only positive points of every incidents.


    Once I read a story where an active person lost his one leg in an accident. When friends came to him to show sympathies then the person loughs and told it will help him to save more. now he needs less amount of suit peice, one shoe etc. etc.
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  • brkshandilya answered 4 years ago
    Karama yoga from Indian spiritual practices teaches us to focus on our actions and not on the results.This not only leads us to righteous actions but saves us from disappointments due to them.
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  • puzzled answered 4 years ago
    If you to expect anything, you can't get disappointed.
    Don't set your expectations to high. Make them attainable!
    Follow this and you won't get disappointed, but than, your life will be boring and mundane.
    No surprises!
    Life is full of disappointments.
    It's how we each handle them that matters!
    Keep your chin up and smile.
    That's how you handle disappointment.
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  • Max Hoopla answered 4 years ago
    Don't make plans.
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  • Dawn W answered 4 years ago
    To know that all things work to the good ultimately. I think that everybody gets disappointed because everybody wants something or has a preference of the outcome of every situation.
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