What a nice Duet of Two former Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu,MGR and Jayalalitha?


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Tamil Nadu has many distinctions (It may irritate some) may be a few dubious too.

MGR was the first actor turned politician in India (since1950s).

He was DMK MLA for many years(1967 onwards) before he became CM of Tamil Nadu.(1977-1987)

Politicians and general public,in all India level,criticized his role in politics and ridiculed.

But what happened next was so many Actors of other languages,on seeing MGR's success,ventured into Politics and still remain active in politics.Now no more criticizer.

After MGR Jayalalitha became CM.

Rajini Kanth had a chance but he avoided politics.

*M. G. R. was born(January 17, 1917) in Nawalapitiya near Kandy, British Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka)

to Keralite Nair parents — Gopala Menon and Maruthur Satyabhama.His family was originally from Vadavannur, Palakkad, Kerala, but his father had migrated with his family to Ceylon.

*Jayalalithaa Jayaram or J. Jayalalitha (as commonly referred), (born 24 February 1948,Mysore, Karnataka), is a former Chief Minister and current leader of the opposition of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

MLA from 1989 - 2006. Tamil Nadu CM 1991 -1996 and 2001 - 2006.

*Rajinikanth would have become CM had he entered politics.

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad,his original name, is of Maharastra origin born on 12 December 1949

Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

So Tamil Nadu is the only State in India where two former CMs and a probable are from other states.

This is because they won the hearts of Tamils across the Globe.

Is it Possible in any other State in India that an outsider can become CM?

I strongly doubt.

Tamil Nadu is unique and has its own style to envy with!


To mathangi rani,

Please refer to the following link.


My message is domestic oriented where a Tamil cannot become CM of another state.

I do not blame but I appreciate our hospitality

that we see only the qualities not origin.

So Tamils are broadminded.

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    Naanga pudhusa kattikkitta jodithanunga.. naaanga pudhusa...

    damukkadippan dhyaalo...payalo...singi...singa...

    and also the song... mella po..mella po mellidaiyale mella po.. sollippo sollippo..solvadhai kannal sollippo...

    ha..ha..ha.. nice and very good songs.

    excellent description. good. But, our madam j.jayalalithaa is pucca tamil of srirangam. please read the kumudam 25.11.2009 dated issue for getting details. please don't give informations just like that without knowing actual informations. Even now there is a house and the people living there are speaking tamil language only and not kannada in that particular village.

    what is there to doubt or wonder. ? many indians are parlimentarians in British, and many tamils are ministers in malaysia and srilanka. Former singapore president is an indian origin. if you go around the world many indians are very famous and in good positions.

    we are attracted by the dravida naadu. Dravida naadu consists kerala, karnataka, andhra and tamilnadu. when MGR become famous, we are with the slogan of Dravida naadu which are all you know better. Even now we are soft with kerala, and karnataka because of the slogan stamped in our mind.

    Rajanikanth ? Even in dream he can not. just an actor earning crores and crores of rupees.

    so, j.jayalalithaa is our tamil magal. MGR was the son of Dravida naadu. no meaning in your arguments.

    @Asker..i gone through the link. In that link also it is said that j.jayalalithaa has been refered only as ''Tamil Ayyangar family'' only.

    Early life:

    She was born in Mysore as Komalavalli in a Tamil Iyengar family

    please see my question.


  • Lets see.....

    Sheila Dikshit was born in Punjab, married in Uttar Pradesh.

    Madanlal Khurana Ex CM of Delhi was born in Pakistan but migrated to Delhi, so I will excuse him

    Babu Lal Gaur Ex CM of MP was born in UP

    And there are several more examples.....

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    this only will happen in tamilandu cause the people are not so educated , jayalatthia is a mother of corruption mgr was good actor both are not statement or Genius to rule the state , karunanithi is a poet , i dont see any good leaders there so far

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