Which is cheapest USB internet?

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I looking for cheapest internet connection. I'll use one or two hours per day and its only surfing and rarely downloading. Which is the best option to connect internet to my ...show more
Update : I'm from INDIA
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  • King answered 4 years ago
If you want quick and easiest way to get Internet connection on your laptop while you are away from home, Internet through Reliance prepaid netconnect USB.
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  • Vinoth answered 4 years ago
    i think if u want sharing then u can use proxy softares....
    i wana know cheapest in what mean....

    on buying cost or runnig i mean monthly using cost ?
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    So far as I know the best option for you is purchase reliance or tata USB drive because they are cheap as well as high speed devices.


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  • mick_rons answered 4 years ago
    dont like them cuz you cant connect to file sharing networks
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  • mig13x answered 4 years ago
    Are you from the Philippines? As of now, the cheapest USB internet is Globe Tattoo. Although it may have some speed issues when your place is not around Metro Manila, but if you're in Metro Manila, the speed is not a problem. I recommend Smart Bro who's speed is accessible nationwide because of it's wide coverage. You could also try Sun Cellular's USB internet.
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