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What possible solution of Kashmir Dispute is being worked out secretly involving Hurriyat Confernece?

In few print & electronic media, some statements are coming that a permanent solution of Kashmir Dispute has been worked out & secret negotiations with the strong movers of events of Kashmir like "Hurriyat (means freedom) Conference" is on by Indian government representatives (names undisclosed). They must be top bureaucrates. This was first indicated by a minister of state govt in the Indian administered part of Kashmir(reported by newspaper DNA). Later, India's union home minister P. Chidambaram too indicated that on TV. A day later chief minister Farooq Abdullah too said that he would be happy even if a solution is worked out by secretly talking to Hurriyat people. Talks must be on with Shabbir Ahmed Shah & Mirwaiz Maulvi Mohammed Umar Farooq.

No solution can work until it is acceptable to PEOPLE of the state. United Nations Security Council decided in 1948 itself FINAL solution must be decided by people DIRECTLY & they are MOST IMPORTANT PARTY for that.

According to UN Charter, people of a disputed territory can NOT be imposed upon any decision by OUTSIDERS. Here India(has 46 % part), Pakistan(has 37 % part) & China(having 17 % part) are all outsiders grabbing a part of the state.

UNSC declared the entire state to be a 'disputed territory' in 1948 & passed an unequivocal resolution of the problem called "Plebiscite Resolution" on 5 th January, 1949. According to that resolution, UN neutral authorities will hold free & fair plebiscite in the state. Before holding that, Indian & Pakistani govt authorities, armies, police, other forces & citizens entered the state after 14 th August, 1947, would be removed OUT of the state so that none of them can influence the result by any UNFAIR means.

Everyone was agreed but from 1954, suddenly Nehru became adamant & belligerent saying that Indian army, other forces & govt machinery will not vacate the stae b coz those are all "most neutral" in the world & plebiscite should be held under their control only otherwise, India will not allow that to be held. That attitude from then till now is the real problem but clearly, by that method FREE & IMPARTIAL result can't be obtained. Nehru wanted RIGGED results to India's favour. This is NEVER told by Indian media to people. Why ??????

Are secret talks going to bring any result MORE ACCURATE than PLEBISCITE RESOLUTION implementation ? That seems highly unlikely.

NGOs have reliable data that more than 90 % people are against India(CSDS Survey).

In the Jhelum Valley, only Hizbul Mujahideen has 99 % supports. Indian intelligence knows that too.

Is there any new thing going to come out ?


Hurriyat Conference is the Voice of Kashmir. Every Year, it calls strike on 13 th July, 15 th August & 27 th October, calling them as Black Days. 1 million Indian troops with sweeping powers announces on loud speakers asking people to defy strike & come out freely as they guarantee but none cares but when army imposes curfew, none obeys & entire public comes out of houses to defy Indian order. Are these two things insufficient to prove Hurriyat's support ? Any election imposed by Indian election Commission has no credibility b coz that is OUTSIDER, INDIAN authority, NOT a NEUTRAL one. Hurriyat has said that let UN authorities conduct elections, they will participate. Hizbul Mujahideen has full support. Visit the valley, particularly Friday prayer, in Jama Masjid at Nowhata, Srinagar & see yourself. Make your own Neutral NGO & visit house to house to survey actual population & ask every adult about self determination. Everyone says, No to India. CSDS survey is not fictitious.

Update 2:

To SD : Hurriyat can't be compared with MNS having goonda elements. If 1lakh troops are deployed in Mumbai, MNS workers will not be visible. In Kashmir, 10 lakh troops can't force them. That is d difference. There is no armed or peaceful freedom struggle in Azad Kashmir, not such massive army to oppress, repress, suppress, subjugate, victimise & bludgeon into submission which has separate assembly, high court & supreme court too. No draconian laws are there . U've net. See views of cities of Kotli, Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Rawalakot, all in highly mountanous zone & Indian held part is in fertile & planer zone & look like devastated(by army) now. In 1947 Azad Kashmir part did not have any city, all now there were developed later. All cities were in Indian held part. Pakistan recognises right of self determination given by UNO & doesn't call AK as her 5 th state but India, bypassing all morality & legal principles says shamelessly Kashmir to be her integral part without self determination.

Update 3:

UNSC Resolution dated 24 th January, 1957 : Election of any kind is no substitute of Plebiscite(right of self determination). In assembly elections, people are asked to vote for electing local candidates in small zones for local issues like water, road, electricity, schools, bazaars, offices, services, business,.. etc controlling LOCAL authorities, NOT for self determination. When in 1951, India announced for state assembly elections in Kashmir, UNSC asked about that. Indian representative B. N. Rau there & Nehru in Parliament said that those ekections will be for only internal matter of state's administration, NOT having any power to decide things coming within the purview of UNSC(self determination), all ON RECORD. In self determination, EVERY citizen DIRECTLY decides that. In assembly, only 75 were elected. How can they only decide that in a complicated & less accurate 2 step process instead of most accurate ONE step direct one. Technically both are different. Read in detail.

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    i dont believe in conress, they are not nationalist party.

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    Geelani is a mad islamic fundamentalist who thinks that he could be yet another Jinnah of varieties. India can no longer and could no longer area with an inch of Kashmir which from the time of sage Kashyap is a Hindu land with Shankaracharya's Shiva Temple right on precise of Srinagar. lots water has flown the Jeenab by using fact the arguable UN selection of 1948 which wanted the Pak tribals and the army to withdraw from the occupied kashmir earlier any plebiscite could be formed. Now the completed demography and lifestyle of the land has replaced and for this reason the only ingredient that could take place is Kashmir is restored back to India from the two Pakistan and China.India is now better than desperate to get the act jointly and rigidity the eventual merger with India despite if it ability having to combat the two Pakistan and China the two militarily and politically.meanwhile Geelani can pass to hell or come to a call to stay peacefully till death.

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    80% INDIANS not recoginze a piece of land as separate country called pakistan. Land was snatched from us(INDIANS) by jinnah So there is no question of giving more land to virtual country.

    That land is part of Punjab and we will take it back.



    Is there any new thing going to come out ?

    Answer: Yes pakistanis necks

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    From where you get these data ? I dont belive that HM (hizb Muj) has support of local people. they are already frustrated with such outfits. the era of voting at gunpoint by indian army gone. Your data is incorrect.

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    Only possible solution is all out war with CHI-PAK.

    No dispute can be satisfactorily solved without use of POWER.( Because disputes arise due to appetite for power). The CHI-PAK occupied Kashmir with POWER,sent insurgents;making them most populous(in addition to displacing the original inhabitants) so there is no point in conducting opinion poll/any democratic/diplomatic process etc.

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    Nothing. It is just an eyewash.

    Hurriyat is sh1t.

    The Aftermath Inc. - An Indian Citizen

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    First of all, Hurriyat is not a reliable entity . How can you believe a party whose support base has never been tested(as they've never contested in elections) ? They've two fractions - it's most unlikely that they both will agree on same points.

    Don't know much about your evaluation of Nehru - but possibly he feared that Pak army will occupy the whole Kashmir by hook or crook if Indian troops were removed. Don't forget both US & UK had close ties with Pakistan at that time.

    But first one question - are you a Pakistani ? Why are you mum about the PoK ? Don't those ppl want independence ? Can you specifically give me the source(i.e. link) of your info ? I've my own 'survey' - A poll of over 50,000 in a small pop of 4m , showed that 96%

    of Azad Kashmiris wanted total indpendence from Pakistan (Sony News

    Aug 27).

    The Kashmir issue is much more complex now. It has three clear divisions - Kashmir Vally, Jammu & Ladakh. Whaen you say 'Kashmiris', most of the cases it refers the ppl of Kashmir Vally. Ladakh has a 50% population of Buddhists, & the Amarnath Shrine Row showed clear divisions between Kashmir & Jammu.

    As much I know, Kashmiris today hate Pakistan more than India, & most of them what 'self-rule'/autonomy, if not independence. I personally 've no problem with autonomy(of Kashmir Valley), but independence is not acceptable - considering the fuming socio-political condition of nearby regions,Kashmir will not be able to sustain as a peaceful sovereign state. But even fr autonomy,there are two 'thorns' I think -

    1) What about those Hindus, who were forced to leave Kashmir in early & mid '90s ? Have anyone ever wanted to know what they want ?

    2) The current condition of Pakistan is really worrying. It might happen in near future that Taliban would try to expand their 'base of action' in Kashmir(like they did from Afghanistan to Pakistan). In such case, Kashmir would be a very important land for India to stop them, & Indian govt would need full control over Kashmir.

    Later Addition : the example you've given doesn't prove the legitimacy of your demand. In the last few years, MNS has been the the most active political party in India - we've seen many processions led by them; many heated debates, but what is their position in elections ? They just acted as 'spoiler' for SHS-BJP coalition. & Hurriyat leaders doesn't want to participate in elections becoz it's 'imposed' by Indian state, but they're ready to take services provided by India ! Few years back, UN Observers came to monitor the election in J&K; it was a good opportunity for Hurriyat to prove their support-base, but still they didn't participate in elections. Why ? If they were confident about their support, they would've participated, becoz their success in election would only prove the legitimacy to their demand.

    & about Hizbul-Muzahidin - it's true that Sayeed Salahudeen once was very popular among the Kashmiris, but now the common Kasmiris are sick of the violence, becoz it has disastrous effect on their life & economy ; they want a peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue.

    By the way, I've cleared my position on this matter earlier in my answer , but you still haven't. Why are you silent about PoK(Azad Kashmir & FANA) ? Don't you view it as a matter of consideration ?

    More Addition : OK, I found the the 'much-hyped' CSDS survey, & found a basic fault - the poll was conducted on only 226 persons, all from Srinagar, where the total population of Kashmir Valley is almost 4 million(from wikipedia) ! From the recent elections, it has been proven that rural Kasmiris have casted their votes in a higher number than urban Kashmiris, thus showing more faith on Indian state-held elections. But there was possibly no representative of rural Kashmir. Also, the idea of 'Azadi' was largely discarded by the representatives of Jammu( 255 in number ). There are some other aspects which you haven't mentioned. I've provided the link below.

    Adding More :

    Internet !! Well, that's what I like most ! Now, there are some info about 'Azad Kashmir' -

    1) " The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council is a supreme body consisting of 11 members, six from the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and five from the government of Pakistan. Its chairman/chief executive is the president of Pakistan. Other members of the council are the president and the prime minister of Azad Kashmir and a few other AJK ministers." (from Wikipedia).

    Now, why those 5 Pakistanis ? Why should representatives of Pak govt directly control the administrative matters of an 'autonomy' ?

    One thing, though Pakistan granted 'autonomy' to the Kashmiri part they occupy, they've never withdrawn their troops, thus unwilling to implement the UN plebiscite. & the autonomy, too, is heavily controlled by Islamabad.

    2) While submitting the affidavit during elections, every candidate of 'Azad Kashmir' has to acknowledge it as a part of Pakistan. Few years back, some candidate were barred from election becoz they declined to do the same.(get some info

    3) A 2008 report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees determined that Pakistan administered Kashmir, was 'Not Free'. It also criticized the Pakistani Government saying 'The appropriation of land in the Northern Areas by non-Kashmiri migrants from elsewhere in Pakistan, with the tacit encouragement of the federal government and army, has led to dwindling economic opportunities for the local population and an increase in sectarian tension between the majority Shia Muslims and a growing number of Sunnis. (detail -,463af2212,469f...

    other links -

    Now one thing must be noted - Indian govt has resrticted the activities of non-Kashmiris in J&K. A non-Kashmiri can't buy land in Kashmir.

    4) There ARE some agitations among the ppl of Azad Kashmir & FANA. At least two separatist groups are present in FANA - Balawaristan National Front & Gilgit-Baltistan United Movement, largely as a result of 'annexation' of Gilgit-Baltistan into the mainframe of Pakistan. They demanded for autonomy for long time, & only this year Pak govt were forced to accept their demand.

    Even the ppl of 'Azad Kashmir' have rallied against Pak occupation -

    & there are many Kashmiris(from Pak part) living in England, who voice for independence of Kashmir from Pakistan. They held a conference recently.

    & I'm not mixing up Plebiscite with state assembly elections - even you've accepted the importance of local elections. If Hurriyat does't consider Kashmir as a part of India, then they shouldn't participate in General(Lok Sabha) elections, but they SHOULD field candidates in local elections. Why don't they do even that ? Do they fear that their actual 'popularity' will be exposed Or just dodge elections in the fear that their popularity will fall if they can't properly handle the administrative works ?

    & in every democracy, few ppl, elected by the populace, decides the framework of administrative & other aspects. These ppl act as the representatives of the majority population & their wish/demand. They have to value the sentiments of those ppl who elected them. Plebiscite is a different thing, but from that you can't come to a conclusion that the members of assembly can't solve the Kashmir issue. Most of these members are 'seasoned' politicians with vast experience, & that's why they have been entrusted by people to lead the state..If you have no faith on them, then how can you be so 'confident' about common people ?

    Finally, there are many concerns about Human Right violations in Kashmir by Indian Army, but what about the terrorists (often called 'freedom-fighters') ? Even your 'beloved' HM is guilty of such acts ! & what about the right of Hindus, banished from Kashmir, in their land ?

    & another point - the representatives of Kashmir in CSDS survey voiced for an 'unified' Kashmir with parts from both India & Pakistan. If, in future, suppose that Indian part of Kashmir is granted sovereignty, then obviously the Pak part will want to achieve the same & form a 'united' Kashmir ; they'll get support from 'sovereign' Kashmir. What will be Pak's stand then ?

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