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How does ammonia smell comes in urine?

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    Because of ammonia mean NH3

    and urine is also rich in nitrogen, that require elimination from the bloodstream. its like liquidized urea.

    Most noticeably, the ammonia is produced by breakdown of urea.

    so when urine is released on open air, it is starting released NH3. so the smell will automatically ammonia

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    It is impossible that there is ammonia smell because ammonia is formed when the proteins are being digested by the tripsinojen enzym and then carried to the liver where it is turned into uric asid and urea, so it doesn't poisen you. Then the uric asid and urea are taken to the kidneys with blood where they are filtered and THEN thrown out with urine. That's why you will never have ammonia in your urine.

    Hope that is a helpful explanation, lol


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    Hello! It is simply a waste product of metabolism. There are all sorts of waste products that your liver and kidneys filter from your body. During this filtering process, waste is broken down from it's original state to completely different chemicals if you will. If you would like some more in depth information, feel free to e-mail me as there is so much more to this process. I hope that this has helped and best of luck to you..

    Source(s): 12 yrs as a Paramedic
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    amonia comes from animals urine like guinea pigs, it's used in hairdye

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    drink more water .

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