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how to prevent oilyness after applying make up?

my skin is oily and after i apply make up it becomes oily so what to do

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    Make sure your skin is clean before adding makeup and try to find a cleanser thats oil free and has shine control in it like clean and clear morning burst shine control. then after applying foundation and concealer and whatever else you put on add a translucent powder to your face to cover the shiny area's . Also there are these sheets that you wipe on your face and it removes the oil. they are called clean and clear oil absorbing sheets (the name can be variated because there are more brands with oil removing sheets) these sheets dont take off makeup but do remove oil . thats a picture of some different kinds you can get. Powder always covers shine. do not try and cover with foundation because it wont work and it will look cakey. Also when purchasing foundation go for one that doesnt contain an oil base. also try cutting down on oily, fatty foods. that also helps stop oily skin. I hope i helped :)

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    1) Before applying make-up rub an ice cube (wrapped in a piece of cloth) on your face. This will tighten the pores and and oil production will decrease for some time.

    2) While applying make-up do not apply too much as it will clog the pores and ur face will be oily faster.

    3) In place of compact use, loose powder. Compacts have oil in them.

    4) Dont let your hair fall on your face. People with oily skin will hv oily hair also, so oil from hair make your face oily.

    5) Keep wet-issue available in your bag and whenever possible wipe-off the oil and re-apply powder. You can do that in the wash-room also.

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    Unfortunately, there isn't much to do, but there are some. I too have an oily face and adding make up to it isn't so nice, so these are the things that I do. And before you put on makeup, make sure your skin is clean and not oily, so clean it and dry it.

    1. Put primer on your face before you apply makeup. For me primer helps with the oiliness during the day and throughout the day. I use LaMer Primer.

    or 2. Make sure you are using a pressed-powder. Pressed-powders are made for oily skin and it helps with the oiliness too. I use Clinique Pressed-Powders

    or 3. Dap your face with oil absorbent sheets. Because you can't change the oiliness of your face, just use the oil absorbent sheets throughout the day to dab on your skin. I use Clean&Clear's.

    or 4. Just take your powder, or whatever you use as your foundation, which i reccomend pressed-powders, and dab on your face through out the day to freshen up your makeup.

    there are also many other ways, but these are the ways that I use. Hope it helps!

    Have Fun!

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    first off what kind of moisturizer are you using before makeup?

    -make sure its oil-free

    Since you have oily skin, are you exfoliating daily?

    -Try Clean & Clear exfoliating scrub

    Are you using blotting powder or tissues

    -greatest invention yet! get some MAC blotting powder

    or go to target/walmart/rite aid and get some cheap blotting paper

    (it basically soaks up the oil in your skin but still keeps you hydrated)

    and its safe to use after makeup is already on (meaning your makeup

    wont come off or mess up)

    Also, you can use prime time primer which is especially for oily skin.

    you can visit this website to learn tips tricks and basic info about yo oily skin

    and here for makeup for oily skin. it tells you what to avoid and blahh blahh

    its really helpful

    Source(s): goodluck gal :) i hope i helped you :) best of luck ! godbless :-*
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    After applying makeup, dab on loose powder evenly with a good puff. however, before applying makeup,make sure your skin is clean, moisten it with a good toner 'for oily skin' and apply an oil free moisturiser then sunscreen..then only put on the makeup (make sure the makeup u're using is of a good brand and that it don't clog pores) with a makeup sponge, its rather wise not to put makeup on with your fingers for hands tends to get sweaty which will surely bought forward a rather nice patch of pimples. make sure that u blend your makeup well or you end up looking caked and made-up..

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    Set your makeup with a translucent powder, so that the makeup doesn't budge and easily.

    I think the best way is to blot your oil after a few hours, using a blotting paper or powder.

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    wash your face with ice water 2-3 times before putting makeup.

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