Are Olive Products usable for genital odor?


I am from Nepal, and i would like to say that I have genital problem, i wash 2 times a day, but it really smells foul, and it is not tolerable for me , and i really depressed and embarrased from this.I think that it might be the cause of yeast infection,so what would be the best treatment for yeast infection? Though,I am applying Olive Body Lotion in Genital Area,i don't know how it works or not.

So, i am waiting your answer whether it works or not. If not, what would be the best way to treat.


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    You need to shave the pubic hair & use a good deodorant, Bubba. That pubic hair can begin to smell sour & funky no matter how often you bathe or how hard you scrub. Get rid of the pubic hair & make sure you rub a good quality deodorant into the skin so it will work.

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