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I live in Mumbai i want to start a small scale industry. I am ready to buy a running busines?

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    here are some startup business ideas for you:

    photo printing on coffee mugs, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles, keychains, etc

    t shirt printing, temporary tattoos airbrushing, glass etching etc

    they are very easy to start with low initial investment.

    equipment can be used for different processes.

    so, you can start with one unit and easily scale up in future.

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    Small Scale Industry Ideas

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    I once owned a small business, Luckily for me my parents funded the start up costs for me, Have you tried asking someone for a cash loan? Write up a legal binding contract tell you family/friends whoever loans you the money you'll treat it as i traditional loan. If you have no luck there ring the Small business Centre an get your questions answered there, ask about government funding and Grants that might be available to you. But my best advice is if you don't have the cash then you don't want to start a business,(and that speaking from experience)cause as i learnt that if you have to borrow the money and it is true when they say that 94.35% of first business owners do go BANKRUPT within the first 2 YEARS then you become screwed for life. Or at least the next 7 years while you in the act of bankruptcy. Think of other options like partnerships and investors first, if not then do as we all do and WORK HARD AND SAVE!!!

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    You can look at below option if you are genuinely looking to start a small business!

    Be associated with a proven global business model that fetches regular income with an investment of only couple of thousands for the initial sign up and coaching. No this is NOT online internet/data entry job/easy money making schemes or one of those untrusty spams!

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    There are House wives earning more than Rs 60,000, Students earning Rs 45,000, Retired people earning 40,000, Doctors earning Rs 50,000, Professionals / Executives earning Rs 70,000 to Rs 1,00,000 - all these are part time incomes per month!

    The amount of income you can make every month depends on how much time you are sincerely able to spend in expanding your business in the initial days to get guaranteed returns.


    Pls send an email with your interest to "" by sharing your contact details and your current profession for a discussion and then a business meeting.

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    hi i stay in mumbai and i would like to start with a new small scale business like A4 paper supply , taking service contract for electrical work, electrical lighting supply.etc. please let me which of these would be more effective to start a nes business as i was away from india for 10 years so i dnot know which industry should start with.

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    dude im into manufacturing of ladies fancy sandals nd chappals i can make them available to u for 200 to 300 rs and the same thing u can sell in the market for 500 to 700 rs in retail if ur interested then do contact me on or

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    hi,Asif, My self kishor working in soft comp as soft engg and part time doing amway bussiness , i don't know what is ur view about amway but it is best bussiness , if u want know more replay me

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