how to treat little gastric troubles in the home without seeing doctor?

i have some gastric troubles, because if I eat a little oily, or spicy food, my entire stomach gets completely upset. What home remedies can I take for this, without seeing the doctor, also should I avoid tea and coffee, until this problem gets over? And take only milk?

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    Greek style yogurt, or just yogurt. There are also other food products like drinkable yogurt and one amazing food Kefir, which is a cousin to yogurt. Some gastric troubles are linked to an imbalance of intestinal bacteria/organisms and you can right the balance by eating some of these cultured foods. You may avoid caffeine drinks, if you can link drinking them and a resulting attack. I also recommend you see your doctor anyway, and get a complete check up on your intestinal troubles to ensure there isn't a larger problem at bay.

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    I can recommend the following for settling your stomach, and your entire digestive system, but there is the possibility that your stomach upset is due to stress or emotional upset and that is where the physical problems are coming from. If that is the case, then you need to deal with that as well.

    The idea is to give your stomach a break and give it a more alkaline (the opposite of acidic) diet for a while. Cutting out tea and coffee is a great idea, but don't replace it with milk. Drink water instead, and a couple of times a day, add a dash of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice to the water - sip it slowly. This drink is great for settling your stomach. Milk is one of the worst things you could take.

    If you're really serious, then modify your diet to eliminate the acidic foods. Go to the websites below for lists of acidic and alkaline foods.

    If you are having more serious digestive problems in your bowels, then a good way to quickly flush out your system is taking activated charcoal for a couple of days, and then take some probiotics for a week to replace all the good bacteria. The activated charcoal will clean out your bowels, but it takes everything. Also, it is an absolute MUST that you drink plenty of water, preferably start a couple of days beforehand. If you can manage it, get genuine mineral spring water, or water that has been through reverse osmosis. Boil this water and drink it within 3-4 hours after boiling. Your body will better absorb the water.

    Otherwise, if you want avoid a doctor but want some professional help, see a Naturopath/Homeopath or chinese doctor.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, reduce consumption of coffee/tea. Do not consume milk in empty stomach in the morning, it does not mean you should not drink milk. It has acidity. The measures are simple but you have to follow them for some time.

    Take a spoon of Cumin seeds (Jeera), soak it in the night with little water. In the morning, before taking any food, drink the water. You may also eat the cumin seeds also, no harm in it. Follow this for a week, you will find the result. Try to avoid coffee,tea for sometime. Do not eat spicy food. During night, take rice & dhall, avoid curds, take lot of thin buttermilk which is not sour and not kept in the fridge, consume curry leaves in your food preparations.

    You have to take some food to your stomach every 2-3 hours, even small quantity is enough. You never leave the stomach empty. If so, the gas formation will be more. If you are very much interested, please go to a ayurvedic shop and take 'sooktyn' tablets. Take 2 tabs twice a day before food. It will not irritate. You will have wonderful results.

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    Tea and coffee aren't the problem. It's the oily and spicy food. Cut down on those. you can use over the counter medicine like Tums or Pepto Bismol. If that doesn't work then try Zantac or Pepcid or Tagamet (choose one only). These drugs are only temporary fixes. They work relatively fast. However, if the GI upset continues, you may want to ask the doctor.

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    You need to go for a morning walk. You need to increase the foods like cucumber, watermelon, and fruits, also start taking tender coconuts water. You can reduce oily, fried, fatty foods. You try to read the following hubs 1) Acupressure for good health 2) 3 tips for good health 3) Morning walk can be accessed through google search ‘rvsrinivasan’.

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    Have BeneFibre. It should help fix your problem, If not just cut down on spicy food. Good Luck :)

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    You can drink milk but pepto bismol will help. If it happens alot you might have an ulcer. Get it checked out.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    holistic healing method may take 20 or more days....

    you should avoid

    `1. all milk products, namely milk,curd,buttermilk(chas-hindi),tea,coffee,horlicks,bournvita,iccecreams,etc. for two months.. should avoid all sweets made of sugar, gur,honey... should avoid all sweet fruits for one month(mango,sapota,papaya,etc)and cool drinks. should avoid all nuts--cashewnuts,almonds, groundnuts,pistha,peas,coconut etc

    5 you should avoid blackgram and bengalgram can take all wheat and rice preparations,ragi java,...

    7. you should take daily 400 gms of uncooked cucumber( or 100 gms of radish) and 3 betel leaves daily. should avoid smoking and alcohols,nonveg,fish,eggs for 2months

    write me

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