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where did my molly go?.i keep 2 adult mollies n 4 babies in a bowl, but now the adult molly is missing!?

ok this is such a mystery. i woke up one day to find tht the adult molly is gone.and it couldnt have jumped out of the bowl since i couldnt find it anywhere near it. it seemed to have disappeared into thin air. i wonder how it couldve vanished like tht...what do u think has happend to it?

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    The other adult probably ate it. Mollies aren't known for being aggressive, but will aggress if they don't have enough territory to themselves. You may need a bigger tank--the normal bowl isn't big enough for 6 fish.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This happened to me once...Total mysterious loss of a fish! Probably eaten quickly or died and got caught under an ornament and slowly eaten or whithered away. Either way, if you could find no trace outside the bowl he is probably on the bottom of the tank anyway.(in the fish poop)

    How big is your bowl?

    Please check this mollie care link out...

    A simple rule of thumb is to have a gallon of water for every fish...just a simple rule though. Some fish require more space and 2 mollies need a 20+ gallon tank with a heater, plants and a filter. Putting a few more fish in the tank would be fine but not ever in a unheated, unfiltered fish bowl.

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