How to find the size number on a rebuild engine?

I drive a Camaro and of course everyone keeps asking me what size engine and horsepower.. Me like a retard says "I don't know." every time. I can't just look at the door or the vin because it's an entirely different engine than the stock. Where is the other number located on the engine? Any help will do. Thank you very much and have a merry CHRISTmas


Apparently, either nobody knows how to read or doesn't know what they are talking about... If the engine is rebuilt, you can't use the original vin number you have to find it on the engine itself. That's all I need is a clue to where to find the number.....

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    If your talking about a pre 1993 camaro with a gen 1 sbc then you can look up the sufix code and casting # to know what you have

    The suffix code is on the front pass side of block, in front of the head, on a machined pad and alittle up towards intake

    The casting # is on the driver's side rear of block, on the flange that transmission bolts up too.

    You will need to use brake parts cleaner, wd-40, carb cleaner, etc and a stiff small brush to clean those spots before you can see the #'s/letters good.

    Once you have the codes you can look them up on and

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    What year Camaro ??

    they made them from 1967 to 2002.

    They had 4,6 and 8 cylinder engines over 35 years.

    Please be more specific.

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    casting numbers on block will tell you (with the reference material available online), but to know if it was bored out, you would have to look at the top of the piston/s for the oversize stamped into them.

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    ok so why not say open the hood have a look tell me what you think it is

    go to a shop ask them go to a parts store ask them

    really you should know what your motor size is if you ever plan on working on it any way wil be a need to know

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