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What is so "honourable" about killing women?


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    Well, I guess this question is best answered by those who do the killing but since these people are not Net savvy you are not going to get their point of view. For whatever it is worth.

    What is deeply disturbing is the fact that in most cases this is done for material gain as reported in your link. In a Third World country wealth has enormous significance to the point where in its pursuit you are more than willing to sacrifice the weak in order to become rich. And that, in an uneducated Society, spells "Woman".

    But what really impacts me is this lack of basic understanding of Biology which would tell you that a female brain weighs as much as a male and since the size and weight of a brain is directly co related to its ability, women are as intelligent as us. And these guys, instead of recognizing them a a pool of talent waiting to be tapped, for the benefit of Society, look upon them as objects to ensure the continuing of the "Clan".

    Personally speaking, my wife just happens to be quite superior to me when it comes to cooking, and all matters spiritual. Sadly she has a temper so if I ever fool around, she will probably blow me away! Not that I am going to; who will sacrifice all this for a One Night stand, esp if one is crazy about food?!!



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    These powerless, limp-dicked cowards who conduct these honour killings are the lowest form of scum on the planet. The fact that they are almost never brought to justice, are almost always relatives of the victims (and so are known to the family) brings the greatest dishonour to a country, a society, a religion and a family.

    Yet another example of why a separation of church and state is necessary for civilisation to advance. If the christians on here feel there is no parallel between this islamic custom and their push to try and create theocracys in the US and elsewhere, think of abortion clinic bombings, the murder of George Tiller, and other such acts. While the perpetrators in the States are bought to justice, you can always count on the evangelist community to make excuses for this behavior.

    Source(s): ALL RELIGION IS A STAIN ON CIVILISATION . The sooner it is relegated to history, the better.
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    Irrational behavior brought about by a belief set.

    In plain language the shooters are nucking futs.

    That is the beauty of Christianity. Jesus acknowledges punishment for a crime but then says - Let he without sin cast the first stone (do the punishment) Since all are less than perfect the punishment is left to God as it should be.

    Source(s): Bible - New Testament
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    The aren't any more wimps than Men who hold the Bible over Women's heads.

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    the cousins wanted to kill her because they believed she was having an affair, in their culture that is dishonoring the whole family and many cultures who believe in that also believe that sacrificing the person who dishonored the family will bring back honor

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    Im sorry honor killings are no where found in Islam

    its time u stopped looking at what ppl do and look in to the religion for yourself!

    Peace be with you

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    its called mercy killings it happens in the states too but the person helping will face murder charges.

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    yeah.. apparently they believe it's a very kind thing to kill. How sweet.

    (those nuckleheads)

    As if God would really approve to breaking the 6th commandment. yeah right!

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    Source(s): You're a mega troll!
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    what a waste are you kidding ?........I'm reporting you freak!

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