Sachin is after 46th ODI century,Dinesh Karthik is to prove his ability.Whom do you support Sachin or Dinesh?

Bapu Nadkarni says,"Karthik is not mature enough.he could have given more strike to Tendulkar to complete a well-deserved hundred".

Chandu Borde says,"Karthik did it in his excitement.It was due to inexperience and was not delibrate".

Are you Nadkarni or Borde?

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    Nadkami is right.

    Sachin career is not enough remaianing now & he must end his career with at least 50 centuries

    Karthick must understand them

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    Borde and Nadkarni finally mean the same Karthik is inexperienced,he did not realize it till he scored the winning runs of 4runs ,just shows he is so excited that he does little thinking.I observed during the match that 13 runs were needed to win and Sachin needed about 10 runs for his centuryand Karthik hits a 6 ,inspite of overs being remaining.That moment i thought Sachin may not get a chance to make a century.Which meant either Karthik did not think of Sachin's century or that winning the game is more importent.But he seems to realize it when Sachin reached 96 runs and he wanted to defend that over only to get an edge and ball flew to the boundry.The whole stadium and country were waiting for Sachin's hundred ,how could Karthik not realize and play defensively to take singles instead of hitting a 6 ,especially when we have so many wickets and overs in hand?Yes Sachin can score a century in another match ,but Karthik has lost an opportunity to make millions of Indian spectators happy,with Sachin's century .About Karthik's ability,he had the best of chances when Dhoni vouluntarily took a break to tour SL ,about a year ago and Karthik failed in all the matches.In this match also Karthik messed up so many chances as a WK ,hence he will be a replacement WK only till another young talented WK is found.

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    As a irregular team member, Karthik did his job but as a junior player, he has to take the responsibility, of seeing to ,that his senior most partner, gets bit more strike, if he is within a touching distance of a personal milestone.

    Sachin would have let Karthik with more strike, had he been in his place but that's experience & lack of experience, on part of Karthik--although when these players play in international matches, they give you such good examples--not rushing, cool temperaments, so they all are supposed to be better, than the average joe--which even Karthik is.

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    I would support Dinesh Karthik.And go with Chandu Borde

    Sachin is a great player and he missing a century (like the previous 17 times he got out in nineties) is a disappointment,but its not fair to blame a young man Dinesh Karthik for not allowing Sachin to get his ton.Dinesh Karthik is back in the team in an Odi after almost 2 years and the young man would defnitely take this as a golden opportunity to get back into the side atleast a specialist batsman.It was just his excitement to score maximum runs that he could get so.

    Cricket is a team game and individual records dont count much and Sachin himself has proved it in a lot of occassions where he has more often played for the team(like his 175 a few months back against Oz).Its suprising that these former players are blaming the young man ,when he was at his best with three dismissals on field and 30+ valuable runs at a quick pace.If it had been any other player and Karthik had not allowed that player to get a ton ,would they ever question it???(No offence to Tendulkar)

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  • It really doesn't matter as long as India won.. the most important thing is winning neither Sachin's century nor Karthik's ability.. Moreover they both are here because of The Indian Cricket Team only.. So it is important if the team wins or losses not which player did what..!

  • 1 decade ago

    we need not blame Karthik for a single stroke.

    after all he also has to prove is worth to the team.

    how long do you expect him to stay in the shadow of dhoni, he should at least prove himself as a good batsman , if not as keeper so that he can also earn a permanent place in the teamindia

    and i go with the stunner bond, the bottom line is india won which is more important.

    one missed chance for sachin to complete century should not be a matter of worry, he cn score many in next two three years he is going to play

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    None. Because both of them played the Cuttack match as it developed and Sachin never attempted at manufacturing a century. I appreciate/laud both for the way they played and took the match away from the Lankans. At that state if either Sachin or Karthik got early and this is compounded by one or two more wickets, Lankan lions would have pounced on the peacock.

    BTW: Peacock is Indian national bird.

  • 1 decade ago

    What Bapu Nadkarni says is absolutely right. If one batsman is nearing some landmark and margin of runs is low, the other batsman always helps him by not making runs himself and give other strike. Kartik is in international arena for long and is not a greenhorn so I don't agree with Borde.

  • 1 decade ago

    See I think he would be more happy because India Win that Match and his contribution

    of 96 is more then a century. We should count the number of Match a team win. Because Country Pride is more imported

  • 1 decade ago

    Sachin is playing still in this age - sachin is performing well - go on sachin create much and more records/hurdles for the coming generations

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am with Chandu Borde, thats shot by Kartik wasn't an intentional. He himself wanted Sachin to score century. Did you saw his reaction after that boundary, he was very disappointed. Even if he did not touched that wide delivery,that was a sure bye four runs. And the match had ended on that moment only.

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