what are the ranks of promossions for officer grade in the indian air force such as wing commander?


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    To know the exact rank structure for commissioned officers read below.

    Junior Level Officers

    Flying Officer (Fg Offr): Taking off a career in Air Force, this is the first rank an officer wears after successful completion of the training. The officer is posted as a Squadron Pilot, or an Adjutant, or a Security Officer, or a Welfare Officer in any of the small Air Force stations and given charge of men and affairs.

    Flying Officer

    Flight lieutenant (Flt Lt): Beginning the climb to the top, Flight Lieutenant is the next rung in the Indian Air Force Hierarchy. Equivalent to a Captain in Army and Lieutenant in Navy, a Flight Lieutenant takes on junior level supervisory responsibilities and is posted as a Pilot, or an Adjutant, or a Security Officer in any of the medium level Air Force Stations.

    Flight Lieutenant

    Executive Level Officers

    Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr): Taking on bigger responsibilities under his wings, the Squadron Leader undertakes many tasks. Equivalent to a Major in Army and Lt. Commander in Navy, the Squadron Leader is the operational in-charge of a squadron's role. He is a senior level supervisor and takes responsibilities as a Flight Commander, or a Senior Administrative Officer in medium level Air Force Stations, or an Asst. Provost Marshal, or a Commanding Officer of Airmen Selection Centres.

    Squadron Leader

    Wing Commander (Wg Cdr): Gearing up for the higher grounds the Wing Commander takes on additional responsibilities. He is equivalent to Lt. Col in Army and Commander in Navy and is posted as a Commanding Officer of Flying Squadrons, or Chief Administrative Officer of medium to large AF stations, or Commanding Officer of Liaison Units, or Staff Appointment at Air HQs/Command HQs Wing Commander

    Group Captain: Taking charge of men and management, the Group Captain heads large Air Force Stations. Equivalent to Colonel in Army and Captain in Navy, he may command a medium-sized Air Force Station, or be Chief Operations Officer or a Chief Engineering Officer of a large Air Force Station or hold key Staff Appointments at the Air HQs/Command HQs. Group Captain

    Directorial Level Officers

    Air Commodore: The chosen few make it to this position. An Air Commodore is equivalent to Brigadier and Commodore in Navy and is posted as an Air Officer commanding large AF Stations, or Staff Appointments (senior level) at Air HQs/Command HQs. Air Commodore

    Air Vice Marshal: Only the daring few can climb this high in the Air Force Hierarchy. An Air Vice Marshal is equivalent to Major General in Army and Rear Admiral in Navy. He is responsible for taking strategic decisions and is posted as the Principal Staff Officer (PSO) at Command HQs or as Assistant Chief of Air Staff at Air HQ. Air Vice Marshal

    Air Marshal: Just one step below the top of the ladder, the Air Marshal commands a lot of power. He is equivalent to Lt. Gen. in Army and Vice Admiral in Navy. He is posted as the Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) at Command HQs, or as the PSO at Air HQs or Command HQs. Air Marshal


    Air Chief Marshal: The top of the rung is for the best of the best from the flying branch. The Air Chief Marshal heads the Air Force family and is responsible for all strategic and tactical decisions, regarding the Indian Air Force in the times of peace and war.

    Air Chief Marshal

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    O-a million by using O-9 have the comparable call interior the AF, Marines, and army. basically the army and Coast shield have a Commander rank it relatively is O-5 or such as a Lieutenant Colonel interior the AF.

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