What are required to start & run a printing press ?

What are the things required for Starting a Printing press like Asset, Finance, Space etc.

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    U should have mentioned ur investment ability. Anyway to start a very common mini-offset printing unit u need 1 Mini-offset printer, + 1 no of P4 PC + 1 Laser Printer + 1 Polymer heating Unit + Papers + Polymers + Offset Inks. Buy reputed brand new mini offset machine to avoid repairs.

    Thinking u r in India I am giving approximate price as follows:

    Minioffset machine: Rs 300000 to 500000 according to printing size

    P4 Rs 15000 LP Rs 7000 - 20000

    Polymer Heater Rs 3000 - 5000

    U need a cutting machine too, of 24''atleast - Rs.25000 - 35000 with 1HP. motor.

    If u aim for multicolor offset, better consult a nearby dealer.

    Prefer imported machines [ Japan, German, USA, ] so that U can have resale value ever.

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    Mini Printing Press

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    Are you seriously going to use an answer from here? Kinda hard since you don't give your current operation. Extra Staff - 25 Machines - 10 Cost - 3.5 million Good luck.

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