Extend wireless range through woods.?

I'm moving into a trailer approx. 60-125 feet away from my best friend. Next door buds! But anyways, my question is. In between our trailers is woods. How can we extend wifi through the woods and keep good signal? We are both tight on money and are just looking for more affordable internet and it would be absolutely perfect for us to just share and split the bill.

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    The repeater idea that one of the respondents to your question mentioned won't work unless it is located in between the two Wi-Fi routers (in the woods you speak of). It would only be repeating the signal that the router is already sending out if it is co-located with the router, so it wouldn't help you.

    If I were you, I'd look for a deal on CAT5e cable (basic Ethernet/ LAN/ networking cable) and then grab a shovel and a six pack. CAT5e cable will carry a signal up to 300 feet, so if you bury the cable it will work in connecting your two computers. If your friend is the one with the internet modem, then all you have to do is connect the CAT5e cable into your computer and then into the switch port on his router.

    I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I doubt that the wireless signal will carry that far, especially through the woods. But try it out first. If the signal strength is decent and web pages load at a decent speed, no worries. If not, then hooking up the CAT5e cable will provide the speed that you are looking for.

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    Simple solution: Buy a wireless router with a stronger radio, or move it to a more central location. Fancier solution: Buy a dedicated wireless access point. Run an ethernet cable from the router to the WAP at the end of the house where you get the weakest signal. Configure both access points with the same channel and SSID settings. The computer will "decide" which access point to use when roaming around the house.

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    I saw a wireless repeater for $27 used today.

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    you can buy SIGNAL BOOSTER, or. you can use cantenKringle'smade, search it in google, poorman's cantenna.

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