Media Pass virus won't let my comp start up in ANY mode! Any way around this?

Hey guys, any way you can help me with a virus issue? It's looking a little dismal.

Please bear with me; it's a little lengthy.

Here's some background info if you need it: Last night I was surfing the web on my PC (I have Windows XP), and a familiar-looking antivirus-related alert popped up in the bottom right of the screen. I'm so used to clicking on them to exit out or to read more about the alert, that that's what I did, pretty absent-mindedly. It calls itself Media Pass, and it just started downloading something immediately, and I couldn't delete it through Task Manager fast enough (if that would've helped). All these pop-ups that were trying to mimic my system's appeared, and I soon couldn't even access my Task Manager, because it was "disabled by the administrator" (it wasn't, in actuality). I've had a virus before, and I'd gotten rid of it successfully by downloading and running a program to get rid of the virus.

So I'd figured there was a removal program for this one. I'd downloaded a Removal Tool from Security Stronghold, which seemed legit (I guess it wasn't, as I'm now reading it's a scam). After paying them to run the tool (*facepalm*), I seemed to get my Task Manager back, but then my desktop screen turned green with a black and red sign saying "YOUR SYSTEM IS INFECTED!" or something. After emailing Security Stronghold about the problem, my computer just restarted on its own. I freaked out and just shut it down. But now that I'm going to give it another try and to fix it manually, I can't seem to get it past the boot-up phase. There's the black screen giving me options, such as Safe Mode (tried), Safe Mode with Networking (will NOT try), some other thing, last known configurations when computer was fine (something like that; tried), and Normal mode (tried). The virus just keeps shutting down my computer, after each new option I choose! Now how in the world am I going to fix this?!

I'm waiting for a Lenovo laptop I'd ordered on Black Friday, but unfortunately my desktop has several architectural drafting and rendering programs on it (very expensive and hard to come by, as I got them from people I knew at the time in school). I was going to finally put all my programs on the laptop (the shipment of which was late by 2 weeks, of course....). I'm absolutely livid now.

Hopefully my questions aren't too silly; I wish I had the mind to understand computer problems of this nature...

1. How do I get around this eternal loop of my computer restarting and shutting down? Anything I can do manually during that phase?

2. Is anyone familiar with this virus?

3. Who, as a professional/techie, do I refer this problem to? Is it your average computer repairperson? Someone at Geek Squad? Any group on the internet you know of, that deals mainly with viruses? Does a group like that even exist? My roommate seems to know everything about everything, yet he says he knows nothing about viruses

4. If I can get my computer up and running, and I'm NOT successful at removing the virus, can i still move my architectural programs to the laptop I'm expecting? Is it CERTAIN that those programs are infected? Any way to find out for sure, if there is the possibility of using those programs again?

Please help if you can...

Thank you!

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    it's a long question so here is a long answer !!!!!!

    you have a really bad virus and the only thing to kill it is "Malwarebytes", some times this virus blocks anti-virus sites so download it using another system on to a Flash drive then use the flash drive to install it onto the infected system, then reboot and then run a FULL scan of your system, if this fails try this, reboot and press F8 as it boots up, this will take you into safe mode, then run a Full scan again.

    If it is still blocked & won’t install try this:-

    When it asks you where you would like to save it, change the "mbam_setup.exe" file to xxxxx.exe.

    Then install it, update it, and run a full scan in Safe mode.

    This will clear your system of this virus.

    This is also one of the best free anti-spyware programs; again always run your anti-virus software in “Safe Mode” on full scan.

    This will all help you and are completely FREE downloads.

    Trust me this does work.

    now your system should be virus FREE so do this next :-

    Use the “Windows Repair function on the install disk” this works for both XP and Vista

    Put your XP or Vista disk into your CD drive and restart your system. This will start the XP installation process. When you come to the screen that asks if you want to install XP or if you would like to “Repair” XP, choose Repair. This will open the repair console command prompt go then at the prompt, enter this “CHKDSK C:/R” (or CHKDSK /R to repair the OS on the default HDD partition e.g. C:\). Now hit “Enter”. The repair should now start. Allow it to run until it stops. This can take some time, so be patient.

    If all goes well, XP will replace or repair any and all missing operating system files.

    If the system doesn’t boot from the disk press “F12” as it boots up and enter the BIOS to make sure that the boot sequence is set so that the CD drive boots before the hard drive.

    If you do not have an XP installation CD, you can borrow one for this operation. Since you are “Repairing” Windows and not “installing” it, you will not be required to supply an installation “Key-Code”.

    But please don’t tell MS that I told you ?????

    your system should now run (well hopefully it does)

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    Unfortunately, if you have Windows XP or Vista, there really is no DOS to boot into. The DOS command line window is really just a shell that runs under Windows, in other words, if Windows won't come up, there can't be a DOS command line. I'd suggest taking the drive out of the machine and installing it as a slave drive on another machine to scavenge your critical files. The only other thing I can think of is to try to find a repair procedure on some Web forum. Good luck.

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    The most viable option here is to create a bootable cd to scan your computer. Avira has a system_recover software that you can use. Unless you have software that will burn ISO images you will need to download a program to do that. This is not a hard process even among the technical jargon. First, download the ISO image from the first link below and save it to your desktop for easy access. Next, download CDburnerXP from the second link below. During the installation of CD burner, make sure you place a check in the box to associate ISO files with CDBurnerXP. Once all downloads are complete, click on the Avira ISO icon you saved to the desktop. CDBurnerXP will automatically open and give you the option to burn the ISO image to a disk. You must use a blank disk for this. Flash drives will not work and if there is anything else on the disk it will not work as well. After burning the ISO image to the disk, take the disk to the infected computer, insert it and wait for the option screen to appear. Choose scan in DOS or something to that effect. Once the main screen for the scanner appears, click on update. If there is an internet connection available it will update. Also, on the mail screen of the scanner, there are two flags in the bottom left corner. Click on the British flag to view the contents in English. If you need further assistance, you can email me from my Yahoo Answers profile page. Good luck!!

    Edit: If you move any files from the infected computer to your new computer without first getting rid of the virus you run the risk of transferring the virus as well.

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    Start your computer in safe mode. If you're not in safe mode, MediaPassK will keep putting itself back, even if you try to clear it out with HijackThis!

    Remove these directories (and everything in them, of course)

    program files/media pass

    program files/directorymedia access

    windows(or whatever the Windows folder is called in your version of windows)/media pass

    Windows(or whatever the Windows folder is called in your version of windows)/media access

    Remove everything in the C:/TEMP folder, but not the folder itself (you may have things like BargainInstall, EDow, EDowPack, MediaAccessInstPack, NCasePackage.exe, optimize, salm, salm.exe, salm_gdf, salm_kyf, salmau, and salmhook.dll).

    Remove the following registry keys



    SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallMedia Pass

    SOFTWAREMedia Pass



    SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionModuleUsageC:/WINDOWS/Downloaded Program Files/MediaPassX

    Remove the following registry values

    media pass


    for more professional assistance visit:

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    I would put the Windows CD in , reformat and reinstall Windows. It will almost be like getting a new PC...

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