Have u read 'THE POSTMASTER' by Rabindranath Tagore ?

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What is the idea given by Rabindranath Tagore in the story ???? If u haven't read or have forgotten.......here's a brief summary.... ( i know a summary is always brief but ...show more
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  • . answered 4 years ago
You yourself have written the basic ideas as longing & separation, companionship and dependency. Also tagore's motive was to depict the picture of a typical village.

As a short fiction writer, Tagore was a practitioner of psychological and social realism. His stories depict poignant human relationships within a simple, relatively uneventful plots. In “Postmaster,” a young orphaned girl employed by the postmaster in a remote village regards him as a surrogate father; when he returns to his home and family in Calcutta she is devastated at being left behind. Failing to appreciate the depth of her longing for family, the postmaster laughs at her request to be taken home with him.

Commentators have praised Tagore for his blending of poetic lyricism with social realism, as well as the way in which his unearthly tales maintain psychological realism within an atmosphere of supernatural occurrences. Scholars frequently praise Tagore's short stories for the deeply human quality of the characters and relationships. Mohinder Kaur commented of Tagore, “With an infinite sympathy and rare psychological insight, he works out the emotional possibilities of different human relations.” B. C. Chakravorty says of “The Postmaster,” counted among Tagore's finest short stories, “The story by itself is hopelessly uninteresting. But it acquires immense interest on account of the passages of lyrical grandeur which give a poetic expression to the feelings of the orphan girl and those of the postmaster.”

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thanx a lot dear
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  • Rob answered 4 years ago
    Rabindra Nath Tagore always tries to convey a deeper meaning in his writings. It's not always what you see outwardly. His writings touch your heart and make you experience the emotions in such a way that you almost feel part of the story. That is the marvel of his writing that no translator could easily accomplish. He illustrates the ups and downs of the human life, he talks and exploits human aspirations and desires in its most innocent and natural form. He creates a storm of human awakening in a very simplistic way. Some of the songs sung by Manna Dey and others illustrate such feelings and sensitivities -


    Another excellent work by him is "The Post Office"
    I have heard the drama on All India Radio a number of times and have read it at least once. I think it's a masterpiece. Rabindra Nath Tagore's style of writing is wonderful and it is mesmerizing - even to read a few sections of Gitanjali or any other works of him like "Kabuliwala"


    Interest in short stories, drama, poems - from across the world
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  • King Bradley answered 4 years ago
    Yeaah Nice Story. Actually i read it before very nice story.
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