Urgent Comments Needed from Intelligent Woman's!!!?

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Please take your time to read as it is important and will shed a lot of light for you hopefully. thank you. To Those Intelligent Women Out There! That Up Hold the Western ...show more
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Hi Juned,
Thanks a lot for ur question. I do agree with whatever U said. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Khubsurti chupane mei hei aur dikhawa karne mein nahi. I agree that all things which are precious are always covered. So I think its correct to cover the body with body and not expose. Bcoz Body of a woman is very preciious n pure. So, it shouldnt b exposed. In the name of globalisation / westernisation, one cant just become semi-naked. I think its necesarry to undersatnd this. I know what u tryiing to say n i completely agree with U. GOD BLESS U n TAKE CARE..

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A really good answer, Agrees alot with an sound interllect, not to say rest of you have unsound intellect, but hey indeed an enviroment of a person and his level of search on life makes the impact of his intellect on an issue.
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  • Kelly S answered 4 years ago
    In the western world, how a woman dresses is her choice. And many women choose to dress modestly. And many women don't. The Hijab is representative of a way of life and a religion that many Westerners don't follow. And if you regard your women so highly, then why are so many of them so poorly treated? Sharia law doesn't protect muslim women and gives them very few rights. There can be no freedom without freedom of choice.
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  • mannon answered 4 years ago
    Could you condense this a little ? I can't quite follow it...but then again, maybe I am just another
    unintelligent Western woman.

    BTW, it's corporate America that pushes its ideals of style and fashion on us, not Democracycy. You are talking about two different concepts there.
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  • v_kshemkalyani answered 4 years ago
    I am not woman, I am a man, please allow me to intervene into this discussion on the importance of veil (Hijab/naquab/burqua) which is supposedly made compulsory for women in muslim community. I am not intending to write a large volume on the issue raised by the question asker.

    It is accepted that everything that is produced in the nature is covered viz.fruits, grains, but not the flowers.

    The flowers are meant to be enjoyed without harming,disturbing,disrespecting them till they are fresh.

    I am asking that in most of islamic nations, which are mostly covered by desert, the daily room temperature is found between 35 to 50 degree celcius, in such a high temperature wearing a veil for women must be a type of torture for them.

    The asker is trying to cite the offenses of molestation, rape, torture being committed against women in non-islamic nations but I would raise the point that what about its percentage of such occurence of such offenses.

    Secondly,though the offenses of molestation, rapes, torture are rarely committed in islamic nations, it is only for the reason that there are stringent punishments in islamic laws as a deterent for these offenses.

    Thirdly, there must be a strong possibility that though such offenses are heard to have committed in islamic nations, the possibility of not allowing any public exposure or report to police department of such an offense cannot be ruled out.


    Few days ago I have read a report in one marathi daily about the flourishing flesh trade from some of province of Pakistan. In this report it was reported that married women were abducted and forced, compelled to marry hooligans.
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  • pari answered 4 years ago
    though yours was an indeed interesting argument.. but i would have to tell you that women first of all are not things that they do not know in who's possession they are in and are they actually where they must be??? they are human being how have equal mind as yours which can give such an argument.... secondly... you have to keep your so called jewels in naqaab because you know darn well that men out there are all ready to forget ethics and attack a woman.... so your society is not safe either....
    men can keep even hundreds wives women cant keep even two... her talking with anyone else would mean men would kill her... that is not equality....

    and thirdly no one teaches the other exposing... it is by choice...
    CHOICE an important right of being human...

    i hope you now get the difference....

    a cage however expensive it is still remains a cage....
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  • Nisma A answered 4 years ago
    I know u mean well, but ur style of writing is very condescending. So instead of getting ur message across I'm afraid ur going to have the opposite effect.
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