How to make maggie noodles?

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Maggie noodles is the 2 minutes noodles, which is dam easy to prepare.


1. Break the noodle cake into 4 parts

2. Boil 1.5 cups of water

3. Add noodles and tastemaker to it

4. Cook for two minutes in open pan with occasional stirring

5. Do not drain water.. Serve Hot!!



This is the only thing I can cook... refer:

Correct Method or preparation of maggie noodles:
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Maggie is a wonderful recipe for young and adults as well. The procedure of making Maggie is also very easy. However, making Maggie tastier is something you should learn. The following steps will surely help you to learn how to cook Maggie and make it an amazing dish.

    First you need to boil some water in a pan. When the water is boiled, cut two packs of Maggie (according to the number of head) and put it in the water. You can break the noodles to make it handy. Stir them well in the water. After the noodles get boiled, take them out and let dry.

    Now heat a little oil in another pan. When the oil is warm enough, add chopped garlic, chopped onion and some chili pieces into it. Stir well for sometime and fry them till they turn brown in color.

    Add vegetables in it. You can add any vegetable you like. Capsicums, cabbage, baby corns, carrots and mushrooms go well with Maggie. Mix these things well in the pan and cook for sometime. Then put a cover over the pan and leave it for few minutes. This will help the vegetables to be cooked faster.

    Then take off the cover and add different sauces in the mixture to bring the taste. You can add tomato sauce, chili sauce and soy sauce. Stir well so that the mixture gets blended well. Then add the Maggie taste maker in this mixture and stir.

    Now add the dried Maggie noodles in this mixture and blend them well for sometime. Cook the whole mixture for a few minutes more and your Maggie noodles is ready to be served. Before you serve the Maggie, taste it once. If you think anything needs to be added, add it now and mix properly before serving.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    buy a noodle pack heat the water to some temperature and put the noodle into it and add some ingredients
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  • mouni answered 4 years ago
    Dear Instructions are given on the pack. Just follow that u dont need to queation such things
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  • jes199 answered 4 years ago
    if u want to make it quick, but it in the microwave in a bowl with water for 5-7 minutes and then once it is down mix the masala in.
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  • Smith answered 4 years ago
    If you want to make them, i think you should try asking the company only. They may give you patent rights to make them.
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  • Haseeb answered 4 years ago
    1.boil 1 to 2 cups of glass according to your likeliness to gravy type

    2.when boiled add the noodles..if you want long threads put without breaking
    or else break to 2 or 4 pieces

    3.Now add vegetables

    4. now stir slowly so that it melts a little in water and becomes soft

    5.Add tastemaker or masala

    6.Wait for the correct level of gravy

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  • india answered 4 years ago
    If you really know to read which i hope you can if you can put up the question here, you can read the instructions given on the back side of the packet of maggi !!!!!
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  • Beverly answered 4 years ago
    It's very simple just read the direction writen on the package
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  • I_am_not_bad answered 4 years ago
    Here children cook it step by step:

    he explains how to do it in the microwave ( thats at least what I think, I am not familiar with this local accent ;-)

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  • Debolina answered 4 years ago
    The tips are given at the back of the packet.
    1.Boil in the water
    2.Give some vegetables in it.
    3.Cook for 3 minutes.
    Now it is ready to serve.
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  • tush answered 4 years ago
    take a pan

    put 1 n 1/2 cup water

    put noodles followed by the tastemaker

    mild flame for 5 mins n ur irresistable maggi is ready to serve.

    thats the only thing i have mastery in..
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  • nive answered 4 years ago
    ya its really easy...
    go and check the maggie noodles cover,,...
    its more than enough lolz....
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  • Anurag answered 4 years ago
    Just put the noodles in a bowl and pour some water. After some time add the noodles and wait for a minute. Add the Masala given in the packet. Mix it well. Your Maggi is Ready!! . OPTIONAL -- you can add a few vegetables like beans, Carrot, Peas, Corn etc.


    I used to observe while my Mother used to make some Maggi for Breakfast.
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  • Ed answered 4 years ago
    put the noodles and seasoning in a cup. add boiling water. cover for 3 minutes. serve and enjoy!!
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  • sameer answered 4 years ago
  • ??? answered 4 years ago
    you know what its so sad i dont know the answer to this because noodles are my specialty and i have had almost every type im so sorry and at the same time i feel like laughing :) do send the recipe when you find out :D
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