how a voice call thru internet can be possible ? as while chating i can see the face but dont know to call ?

Actually i am using chat service first time and i want to do webcam chating with my wife as she is out of country......

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    1 decade ago
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    Usually, the voice call service is called VOIP, which is a program that must be installed on both computers. However, if you both use the same Yahoo Messenger full-bodied program (version 9 or 10) look for Yahoo! Voice and the old-fashioned phone receiver icon ... either the one at the top below your name or the one that appears when you hover the mouse on her name. (Both phone numbers must be set up on the account for this to work)

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    Both of you either need Yahoo Messenger, or MSN messenger.

    With these if you both have a webcam, mic and headphones you can chat, see and talk to each other.

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